Beach Holidays

Many a times, the very mention of a holiday conjures images of relaxing beach holidays. Certainly, a favorite with the majority the sun, sand, and the sea forms an excellent combination of a best spent holiday. The warm sun, clear blue waters, and the golden sands hold a steady appeal for everyone, be it for a family vacation, a leisure break, or a romantic escapade. With the entire world being blessed with superb locations, the choices of enjoying a holiday at the beaches are plenty. From Greece, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, to India, there are plenty of sand stretches allowing you to relax and party at the sands for the entire day.

About Beach Holidays

Certainly, the beaches hold a significant position and popularity for planning a foreign trip. With every reason in their favor, the sand stretches featuring water sports activities and wonderful relaxing ambience have become a preferred vacation destination among every individual. Be it a romantic escapade, a family trip, leisure vacation, a simple weekend break, or an adventure filled tour, beach holidays offer the ultimate break from the daily routine life.
From the sunny resorts in Balearics or Canaries, the Spanish mainland or the Southern France to the Portugal, you are sure to find pristine stretches of white sandy beaches with clear blue waters welcoming the visitors for a relaxing sunbathe or a wild party during the evening hours at the sands. However, the destinations of enjoying a vacation at the beach is not only restricted to the places mentioned above. You can also enjoy a holiday at the sands in places like, Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, and Israel. If you are looking forward to a long tour then head to destinations like, Florida, Kenya, Australia, Thailand, Jamaica.

Beach Holidays Accommodation

A number of hotels and resorts offering a relaxing and convenient stay during the holidays have come in the beach destinations. Most of these accommodation options are well-suited to cater to the best of your interests. With the hotels offering the services of childcare and other family entertainment, families with children receive a convenient stay. Some of the hotels even offer pools and play areas. To receive the best of entertainment and a convenient stay, you can even opt for all-inclusive beach holiday packages. If you would like to customize the holiday plans according to your own interests then, opting for self-catering accommodations should come up as the best choice.

With this kind of a stay, you will have the option of exploring the local towns and villages in the nearby region to the beach. Other options of accommodation include character villa and beach huts and bungalows. A holiday spent in the character villa featuring pools takes you close to the beach and are ideal place of stay for the sun worshippers. A holiday in the beautiful island destinations like, Koh Samui, Mauritius, and Zanzibar is best spent with a stay at the beach bungalows or beach huts. A stay in these houses is a favorite with the honeymoon couples.


Beach Holidays – Its adventure and Relaxation


Many a times on your beach holidays, you can actually look forward to combine it with a city break. Certainly, a holiday at the coastline often traverses through the other symbolic tours of that particular country or destination. A visit to the Tunisia beaches is sure to hold onto the appeal of the camel trekking excursion or a jeep ride into the Sahara Desert. Likewise, a Thailand trip of the shorelines quite often combines an elephant ride through the jungles, visit to the golden temples and the caves. A trip to the Queensland region in Australia takes you through the world-famous coral reef region, the Great Barrier Reef. With the finest opportunities of snorkeling, scuba diving, and a glass bottomed boat ride, a holiday at the shoreline is sure to come up as the most memorable experience of a lifetime.

Beach Holidays Destinations

Planning beach holidays certainly comes up as one of the unparallel vacationing ideas. Soaking up the warmth of the sun with the cool waves crashing and caressing over your feet is sure to take you to the land of paradise. Be it a relaxing vacation under the sun, a family break, romantic sojourn with your loved one, or an adventure and action packed party break, you are sure to come across ideal beach holiday destinations to be explored.

Here is a look at some of the destinations -

  • Asia – A beach vacation in Asia is sure to offer you an exotic experience. Here, you can choose to relax at the spectacular coastline of Thailand and Malaysia while exploring the rainforests. A tour of China and Japan also offers the best of vacationing experience.
  • Africa – A dream holiday destination, Africa offers a range of choices. From the coasts of Kenya to the tropical island of Zanzibar, the choices of enjoying a relaxing holiday are plenty. A beach break in Egypt is going to offer you the opportunity of taking a swim in the Red Sea. If planning a vacation at Africa, you can choose to spend a vacation at the contemporary city of Cape Town in South Africa.
  • Caribbean – No list of beach holiday destinations is ever complete without a mention of the Caribbean Islands. Offering a perfect setting of a relaxing holiday, each of the islands of the nation offers something different and distinct. From cruising around Barbados on a Royal Clipper to relaxing at the spas in St. Lucia, the options are plenty. You can also spend a relaxing vacation by just sitting under the palm shades in Antigua.
  • Indian Ocean Islands – Beach holidays are also best enjoyed in the islands of Indian Ocean. From the spectacular stretches of Maldives to the breath-taking coastlines of Sri Lanka, the options are plenty. The warm tropical climate just adds to the fun and excitement of the vacation.


Top beach Holidays Destinations

Here is a list of the top destinations of enjoying beach holidays –

  1. Oualidia, Morocco
  2. Vestvagoy, Norway
  3. Terengganu, Malaysia
  4. Iriomote island, Japan
  5. Todos Santos, Mexico
  6. Montezuma, Costa Rica
  7. Sakalava Bay, Madagascar
  8. Little Corn island, Nicaragua
  9. Carmel-by-the-Sea, California