Best Hotels in the World

The world is a place of numerous natural as well as man made attractions. It is the normal instinct of the humanity to explore new things and places constantly. People travel across different parts of the world all the time. For comfortable and safe stay what is required, however is the availability of

great accommodations in an unknown place.
In fact, there are innumerable top quality hotels spread across different parts of the world. Best hotels in the world offer unmatched services to the customers. Innovative facilities, surroundings, unique sophistication and the standard of luxury offered by many hotels make them the best hotels in the world.

Top Hotels in the World

There are a large number of top class hotels scattered thoughout the world. Below here we provide you a list of best hotels in the world.
This is a top class hotel, located in the North East Thailand. This was built by the famous French architect Laurent Mondet and the construction of this hotel was completed by 1962. The hotel offers all kinds of material comfort to the guests. At the sunset in the evening, you can cozily join in the pool party. You can eat whatever you like in the superb hotel. Library, bar, restaurants and the world of facilities can cater to the needs of all kinds of tourists.

The George V Hotel
This is a splendid hotel, located in Paris, the capital city of France. Arguably, this is the finest hotel in Paris and should definitely rank high in the list of top hotels in the world. This wonderful hotel is run by the Four Seasons Group and is well known for effortless services offered to the guests. Other attractions of the hotel include a magnificent spa, great flowery works and spectacular dining facilities.
The Datai
If you are in a secluded retreat to the Malaysian Island of Langkawi, the Datai would surely be the best accommodation for you. This posh hotel is located along the Andaman Sea and is covered by virgin rainforest. The major hallmark of this hotel is the top notch services offered to the guests. Other attractions of the hotel include spa treatment facilities, open air pavilions and great architectural works in the hotel. Presence of great beaches along the hotel, spectacular sunset and the 24 hour room service would surely make you holiday a memorable experience to cherish for long.
The Setai
This magnificent hotel is located in the Miami Island, USA. The unmatched services offered by this hotel would surely make your holiday an enjoyable experience. A perfect blend of ambience and design has added to the attraction of this hotel.
Adrere Amellal Ecolodge
This is one of the top hotels in Egypt. Adrere Amellal Ecolodge is located in an oasis. It takes eight hours by road from Cairo to reach this hotel. The interesting aspect of this hotel is that it runs on solar and alternative energy. At the night time, the hotel wears a magical look. This hotel is perfect for romantic escape.

Last Updated on 21/01/2011