Chinese New Year 2012

Chinese New Year is not just about traditions and religious practices. Chinese New Year 2012 falls on the 23rd of January and is also known as the ‘Year of the Dragon’. Beginning with the New Moon of the first day of the present New Year

and ending 15 days after, this is one of the best occasions to wait for, in various countries. For nations like, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Malaysia, this is a major festival celebrated with officially held public holidays. Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and Philippines too celebrate the Chinese New Year with great enthusiasm, though these countries may not have a public holiday.

About Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Year is celebrated every year with great pomp and show by the Chinese community staying anywhere in the world. The Lunar New Year is also known by the name of Tet Nguyen Dan in Vietnam, Setsubun in the country of Japan, and Korean New Year in the country of South Korea.

The Chinese New Year is marked by family dinners, meeting friends, partying, religious ceremonies, shopping for traditional goods and gifts, lavish feasts and annual events.

Traditions on Chinese New Year 2012:

Various traditions have been followed since years. Some of the renowned ones are:

Cleaning the house:

Cleaning the house well for the New Year is one of the main customs, which are followed by almost every house. People also paint the doors and windows in the color of the festival. They color their houses in red and put paper-cuts depicting “wealth”, “happiness”, “satisfactory marriage with more children” and “longevity”.

Lion dances:
Lion dances are very much a part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, which is sure to happen this year too. These are more like traditions followed every year on the as events on the streets.

Gifts and cash exchange:
Gifts and cash are wrapped in red colored bags and exchanged on the occasion of the Chinese New Year.

Lantern Festival:
Lantern Festival is a special event that marks the end of the Chinese New Year. This event is hosted by several countries, occasion of Chinese New Year.

Traditional delicacies on Chinese New Year:
Tang Yuan is one of the traditional delicacies to be savored on the occasion of Chinese New Year. The food contains sweet rice with spicy flavor and other ingredients.

Significance of Chinese New Year 2012:

The Chinese New Year 2012 is known to be the “The Year of Dragon”. The year 2011 was known as the “Year of Rabbits”. The current New Year begins on 23rd January and continues till 7th of February of 2012. Apart from the year 2012, people born in the year, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, are also said to be born under the symbol of dragon. People born in this year or the years above are said to have the following traits of, considerate, tactful, cautious, wise, and instantly lucky as per the Chinese zodiac.

The celebrations for the current year begin much before the actual date. With special prayers, people welcome the New Year and seek for good luck, health, wealth, happiness and good married life with children.

Top Chinese New Year 2012 events:

If you are wondering, which place to visit and what events to wait for on the occasion of Chinese New Year 2012, you can take a look at some of these given below:

Golden Dragon Parade in Los Angeles
Lunar New Year Parade in Queens, Manhattan
Chinese New Year Parade in Washington DC
Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver, BC
Twilight Parade in Sydney, Australia
Lantern Festival in Helsinki

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