Cruises around the world

The first time a cruise sailed around the world was way back in the year 1922. The name of the vessel was RMS Laconia. It belonged to Cunard’s, one of the

companies to start the trend. Cruising around the world is the new way of spending holidays. More and more people are opting for traveling by cruises around the world. It is a luxury that an increasing number of tourists are shelling out money for.


There are many companies that arrange cruises trips around the world. Earlier there was only one company. Over the years, several new companies have started operating cruises.


Best time to cruise

Most of the cruise companies arrange cruise travel throughout the year. However, there are special packages that are designed for passengers during the festive season. These may include cruises on New Year Eve and Christmas etc. The cost will differ. It is usually more expensive if you opt for the festive season.

Most of the cruise companies have their own sailing calendars. These calendars have details of the sailing itinerary. So, if you have settled for a particular company, you can ask for their cruise calendar and plan your trip accordingly.


Different types of cruises around the world

There are different cruise styles that you can opt for. Some of the most popular cruise styles are mentioned below –


Group and theme cruises

If you set off for a theme cruise, it is quite likely that you will meet co-passengers sharing your interests. This is what the theme cruises are all about. However, it may not be possible always to convert an entire ship for a theme unless the package is particularly designed for it.


Honeymoon cruises around the world

Romantic or honeymoon cruises are common. This is one of the most common cruises tourists opt for. It will give you an opportunity to spend quality time in each other’s company.


Family cruises

Sail on your favorite ship with your spouse, kids, and peers. Select a time when your kids have holidays. It can be a holiday of a lifetime. Most of the ships have a separate corner for the kids. There are different types of games they can participate into. So, your children can keep themselves engaged in activities of their choice.


Disabled cruises around the world

There are vessels that are specially designed to accommodate disabled passengers. Some of the ships have lifts to help disabled passengers climb in and out of pools. If you wish to tour around the nearby places, there are wheel chairs that can help you to move around.


Singles Cruises

More and more people are opting for single cruises. If you are single and wish to spend your vacation with other passengers who are single too, you can book your vacation on a single cruise. Such cruises are gaining prominence over the years.


Last updated on 07/02/2011


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