Cruise Tours in France

France is often viewed as the country of art, culture and people who indulge in the most elegant form of their culture. This nation is also known for producing wine of some of the finest quality. French food is famous around the world for its unique cooking style and exquisite

taste and flavor. Despite holding a very modern and urban charm, the country has never let the old world magic from the architectures that speak of an erstwhile time, go. More over both, the urban and the rural life grew side buy side in this country when the charm of each of those remained intact. The vineyards laden with the finest quality of grapes and the lush greenery of the valleys and the hilltop regions beckon you to get drenched in the liveliness of greenery around there.

The beautiful gardens being maintained from may be a century or two boasts of witnessing a series of changes in the lifestyle and culture in the country. The Cruise Tours in France will take you on a journey through time that describes the series of cultural influx occurred in France and how after coming out of all those, France has been able to keep his tradition and heritage intact and unblemished. The parts of the Cruise Tours in France that takes you to the wonderful vineyards and beautiful gardens shows that nature does not want to get defeated by man. French artists might have been able to create magic with their extraordinary mastery over intricate designing on architectural works or paintings and even sculptures, but nature does not lag behind as it can create magic with its own hue. The Cruise Tours in France can be divided into two major cruise tours.

Cruise on the Rhone and Saone Rivers

While traveling along the Rhone and Saone Rivers, you will come along the famous Burgundy region, known world wide for its vineyards producing great quality wine. The perfume of lavender from the hill top gardens in Provence can be smelt from the cruise. The beautiful landscape of Provence mesmerizes you as it flashes rare wildness in its beauty. The landscape of the Ardeche region is also worth exploring. Any kind of French tour is inchoate without tasting exquisite French cuisines. The wines of Burgundy have managed to earn a worldwide reputation.

While on this tour you will get the opportunity to taste that finest quality Burgundy wine. The best place to enjoy French exquisite cuisines is Lyon. Arles, with all its charm and beauty unfold its magic to you and lets you know why the place became an inspiration for the great artist Vincent Van Gogh. Then you will explore the papal Palace of Avignon and the remnants of the Roman civilization.

Cruise on the Seine River

A Cruise on the Seine River from Paris, along the historical trails to the heart of famous old Normandy, and the also the impeccable beaches on the Atlantic Coast is a simply romantic journey through time. The historical Seine River proudly boasts of the legends it has been witness to. The remnants on the banks of Seine talk of the rise and fall of dynasties, the fates of kings and knights, battles won or lost and the death of Joan of Arc, a national French patron saint.