Historical Tours in France

The historical land of France which represents the history of beauty and elegance of architecture and embroidery is known to be one of the destinations which feature the best of the museums and art galleries other than the numerous cathedrals and gorgeous palaces representing the 18th century architecture and the

influence of the Renaissance. The historical tours in France are known to feature few of the best tourist destinations for the tourists to travel and visit while they are on a holiday trip to France.

The ones who love to know about the history and culture of a particular place will surely enjoy visiting the Musí©e d’Art et d’Histoire d’Judaisme which is also known as the Museum of Jewish Art and History. This museum is one of the best places offering a vivid description of the art, culture and religion of the Jews in France and Europe. This museum is known to be the successor of the Musee d’Art Juif de Paris which was founded in the year 1948. The collections in this museum are known to have been acquired from the varied sources which also include the National Museum of the Middle Ages located in Paris.

The tourists who love to know more about the history and culture of France will surely enjoy visiting the Musí©e d’Art et d’Histoire d’Judaisme which was founded in the year 1988. This museum is known to have been located in the Hí´tel De St-Aignan representing the 17th century culture of France. This museum is known for its collection of the Jewish ritual objects, historical items, and artworks of the Jews which were made by famed Jewish artists. The other artifacts included in the collections of the museums comprise of menorahs, torah ornaments, and ark curtains in the versions of both the Ashkenazi and Sephardic traditions. The manuscripts, Renaissance torah arks, paintings belonging to the 18th and 19th centuries and those of the gravestones belonging to the medieval Jews is bound to attract the tourists who have a knack for history.

If you are more interested with interior design then Musí©e des arts Dí©coratifs is the place for you as you will come across wallpaper, tapestries, ceramics, glassware, and toys, all belonging to the middle ages and those of the present day as well. To know about the textile collection visiting the Musí©e des Arts de la Mode et du is a must. Visiting France and the historical tours in France are not really the same things as most of us would love to think. The historical tours in France represent knowing about France to its core as you go for interesting walking tours to the historical sites in France which offer you with a never ending story about the history and grandeur of France since the ancient days down to its modernity.

The walking tours to the historical destinations in France offer the tourists with the best of the experiences of knowing about France so closely that one feels like living the history of France. Revisit the history of the French aristocracy and nobility as you go for the walking tours to French historical sites. The culture tours in France actually complete the holiday tours to France. Without visiting the cultural sites and knowing about the culture of France one feels that tours to France remain incomplete.