New Year Tours in France

Spending your New Year invariably features a holiday trip and what better way to celebrate your New Year, than planning a New Year tour to France featuring romantic cities like Paris and picturesque beaches, monuments and mountainous locations including national parks promoting adventure tourism as well. One can

enjoy their New Year in France with not only great destinations to visit but also with great food, wine and various interesting events and New Year fairs in France and Paris both. New Year Tours in France has a great variety of enjoyments and merriments to offer to the tourists for the festive season of New Year which actually gets started since the Christmas festivities.

Tourists can explore the northern regions of France comprising of the flatlands surrounding the towns of Lille and the Channel. The Grand’Palace in Lille is one of the places worth a visit in northern France. Paris which is known as the city of light is known to be the most visited cities in France and during the New Years its mesmerizing beauty is sure to enchant and attract the tourists to arrange for a holiday in France. The ones who are more into adventure tourism are sure to enjoy going for hiking and trekking trips to the Normandy and the Brittany and the sandy beaches offer the perfect ambience for water sports. While visiting the west coast don’t miss out to go for a trip to Nantes and Bordeaux representing not only the best quality wines but also displaying the 18th century architecture.

Eastern France known to constitute of Alsace, Lorraine, Franche Comte and
the regions of Burgundy are known to feature the hills and picturesque cities like those of Metz, Strasburg, and Dijon. Yellow wine is a specialty of this region. A trip to the Loire Valley is sure to be the most memorable one for most tourists and while on a New Year trip to France make sure not to miss out on the cathedral tours amidst the beautiful cities in France. The adventure tourists for the occasion of New Year trip in France mustn’t miss out on their skiing sessions including the hiking trips to the Alps. The towns to visit in Alps are Chambery, Annecy or Grenoble.

The New Year tours in France remain incomplete without a visit to the various beach fairs organized for the occasion of New Years and these beach fairs offers the tourists to have a great time with their families especially. The kids tend to enjoy the most in such fairs while the adults can also indulge in the addictive activity of shopping. New Year tour to France remains mostly incomplete without shopping for the souvenirs and exclusive local artifacts which are specialties of France. One of the most romantic ways to celebrating New Year in France is to avail of the special packages of dining and concerts offered by the various hotels in France. The enjoyments of New Year in France tend to be incomplete without enjoying a happening nightlife in France. Know more about New Year Tours in France only with