Best places in France

If you have been planning a visit to some European countries then, consider France to be your next holidaying destination. The country that is a storehouse of rich architectural splendor and manmade grandeur has never failed to mesmerize tourists. Plan a trip to this country to experience the rich style of living or to

have a glimpse of their rich cultural heritage. However, it is to be kept in mind that visiting this country of numerous wonders is not possible with a short tour, as its tourist appeal is not only restricted to Paris. Famous places in France are spread throughout the country that includes historical monuments, architectural marvels, art galleries and museums, landscaped destinations, and the cities reflecting the rich cultural heritage.

Visiting France

It is often considered that most of the good things in the world either has originated or bears some connection with the country, be it cuisine, fashion, culture, or even architecture. While on your visit to France, you will much to explore and experience in the country complementing both the active and the leisure traveler. From horse riding, skiing, to wine tasting, the options are plenty and diverse.

If a romantic travel is what you seek then, the beaches in the country present the finest opportunity of relaxing under the sun and taking a romantic stroll with your loved one during the evening. In addition, to this there are the art museums and galleries exhibiting the cultural richness of the country. The country presenting a mix of attractions have come up as a favorite travel destination with a wide array of visitors.

Famous Places in France

From the capital city to the other provinces in the country, you will come across a host of landmark attractions during your visit. No trip to Paris is ever

complete without a visit to Paris that is home to a number of iconic attractions. To come across and explore the best of the country, you need to visit some of the best places in France that is spread across well-known destinations like, Paris, Nice, Cannes, Strasbourg, Bordeaux and Mont Saint Michel.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral – the cathedral noted for its architectural splendor is another best place of attraction in France. If you wish to have glimpse of the rich architectural exemplary that the country is famous for then, a visit to this attraction is a must. One of the beautiful cathedrals in France and the entire Europe, this site stands exemplary to the gothic architecture. The magnificent towers, statuary, and stained glass make for an interesting visit. To add to the interest of visiting the place, you can climb up the north tower to get an unparallel and unobstructed view of the capital city from the hunchback Quasimodo's vantage.More on Notre Dame Cathedral

  • Eiffel Tower – an iconic attraction of the country, the Eiffel Tower is considered a landmark destination in the world. The iconic tower that is best visited during evening hour is listed in the world heritage site. Capture this icon at its illuminating best, as it reflects a hi-tech lighting show during those hours. More on Eiffel Tower

  • French Alps in Rhone – the Alps is another famous place of visit in France that holds a great interest for the nature lovers. One of the wonderful landscapes in the world, the Alps offers the best combination of natural beauty. Here, you will come across wonderful views of scenic mountains, calm rivers, cascading waterfalls, and lush green valleys. You can also spend the day indulging in a range of adventurous activities that includes skiing and hiking. More on French Alps in Rhone

  • Musí©e du Louvre – if visiting museums have always captured your interest then, you must include a trip to the famous art museum in the country. A popular tourist attraction in France, this museums exhibiting famous work of arts have carved a niche in the world tourism map with due regards to its quality and quantity. Spread across an area of 6,000 square meters, the art house it is said is not quite possible with a single trip. The major highlight if this museum is the world-renowned painting of Mona Lisa. More on Musí©e du Louvre

Popular Places of Visit in France

The country in addition to all the above-mentioned star attractions is also home to many other interesting destinations that are most often visited by tourists. Here is a list of some of the famous places in France that holds a great interest with the tourists.

  • Chateaux de la Loire-The Loire Valley is a must visit for tourists interested to catch up with some incredible scenic views in the country. A storehouse of beautiful renaissance chateaux, this region of interest is also famous for being home to a number of castles. Some of the most popular include Blois, Chambord, Cheverny, Chenonceau, and Chí¢teau d´Amboise.

  • Mont St Michel –situated off the Normandy coast, this is one of the most well known landmark attractions of the country. This is considered the second most visited site after the capital city. The major highlight of the place is the spectacular sight of Mont St Michel featuring a Gothic-style Benedictine Abbey. It is nestled atop a rocky outcrop. More on Mont St Michel

  • Versailles – the palace of Versailles is another interesting place of visit in France. Louis the XIV commissioned building the palace to exhibit the wealth and power of the monarchy of his time. You can reach this spectacular palace on a day’s visit from Paris. More on Versailles

  • Arc du Triomphe – a major attraction in France, the beautiful Arc de Triomphe and Ave des Champs-Elysí©es are a must visit. The Arc honors the victories of the Napoleon army. On each evening, a flame is lit in memories of the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for their country.

  • Mont Blanc – in the Alps Mont Blanc is the highest mountain that definitely reckons as a top tourist destination in France. The mountain is positioned distinctively between Italy and France. This is the best place to visit for trying your hands in skiing. If skiing does not interest you, board the Aiguille de Midi cable car to take a scenic ride of the surroundings and capture the best view of the mountain.

Best places in France are also found in its southern region, the popular attractions being the Lascaux and Carcassonne


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