Romantic Getaways Tours in France

Couples planning for a romantic getaway must visit the wonderful tourist destinations in France. If you are on Romantic Getaways Tours in France it will be an injustice to the nation if you do not visit places like, St. Paul de Vence, Montsegur, Loire Valley, Paris. Montsegur welcomes its guests with a

plethora of different facilities to enjoy a great adventurous holiday. From climbing the beautiful Pog Mountain to exploring the remnants of the mighty Cathar castle that boasts of the glorious history of this French imperial dynasty that ruled there.

Paris is probably then most romantic city in the world. You can take your loved one on a visit to the great Eiffel Tower or just enjoy a few sublime moments together on the bridge over Seine. The city is located at the very heart of the country. So you can make it your base for your French tour. The Romantic Getaways Tours in France is incomplete if you do not visit St. Paul de Vence. This is a beautiful village known for its pristine beauty and boutiques, where you can get a taste of the local fashion. You can enjoy a wonderful rustic getaway at this village. The eateries in this village offer delectable cuisines of the country and from around the world.

The couples are free to enjoy myriads of activities in this country. The best among those is of course, celebrity spotting at the Cannas Film Festival. The festival ground at the venue of the festival allows tourists to enjoy a lot along with their children. The shopping areas of the festival ground allow you to shop from a lot of popular brands of clothes and other items. Tour de France by Cycling is the best way to explore the wonderful natural flora and fauna in France. Enjoy a cycling tour through the winding mountain trails and explore the mesmerizing
landscape of the country. You, along with your family can enjoy a nice session of learning the artistry of stain glass painting. Another very interesting activity enjoyed by the average people on a Romantic Getaways Tours in France, is skiing. The resorts at the wonderful Courchevel village arranges for wonderful skiing facilities for the tourists.

There are several wonderful hotels in France, most of which arrange for great facilities for couples on romantic tour. Chateau de Rochecotte Langeais-France, Dolce Chantilly, Domaine de Divonne, Hotel Negresco, L’Abbaye de Talloires are some;of the great quality hotels in France, where facilities are tailor made to suit all those tourists who have come to France on a holiday for pampering themselves in nature’s lap and donot want to do anything on their own. Apart from arranging for some great romantic holiday tours these hotels also arranges for great holiday activities for the couple. All these hotels also dish out delectable cuisines to their guests. These cuisines include some of the exquisite Indian and cuisines from around the world. The specialty of the French romantic hotels is that they serve outstanding wines and cocktails.