Cruises in Germany

Boating Holidays in Germany is available in the Brandenberg and Mecklenberg areas. The Cruises in Germany are operated mainly in River Rhine, River Mosel and

River Danube. One of most beautiful regions in Europe the waterways of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg in German form a network of lakes and canals in an area full of forests and farmland.

The lakes in German offer a wide range of water sports. The largest lake of Germany is the Muritz Lake.

Here you have a good experience in fishing with fish including eel, pike, carp, zander. While cruising through the lakes and rivers you can admire the historic towns of Potsdam and Brandenburg and the castles of Rheinsberg and Schwerin.

There are close to 200 boats for cruises in Germany. Explore the unspoilt areas of Germany on the crystal clear lakes and rivers in one of the cruiser boats. River Cruises in Germany takes you to the sandstone formations of Dresden or Wittenberg Castle along the Elbe, to nature preserves on the Oder, to the Imperial Castle and Justice Palace in Nuremberg along the Danube, to Trier, Germany's oldest city. The river cruises takes you to Bamberg along the River Rhine where you can enjoy a taste of smokebeer. The Germany river cruises show you some of the most interesting and important sites of Germany.

Some of the cruises in Germany include longer tour itineraries including hotel stays. Such river cruise packages save you up to 40% off the price of traveling
the same itinerary on your own. The Germany cruises are hassle-free because all the details are handled by the tour operators on behalf of you. They're reasonable. The local guides are experienced who will help you discover more sights than you could possibly find on your own.

You can opt any of the Danube River cruises which takes you to Nuremberg, Germany, where you can see the Imperial Castle and the Justice Palace, the meeting place for the War Crimes Tribunal in 1946. On the Danube River cruise, you may also visit the Vienna Opera house in Vienna, Austria; the world-famous Benedictine Monastery in Melk, Austria; or St. Stephan's Basilica and the Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest, Hungary. Many Danube River cruises sail the Iron Gates, a spectacular gorge that runs between the Carpathian and Balkan Mountains that forms the natural boundary between Serbia and Romania.

The Mosel River cruises drifts along the banks of Germany, Luxembourg and France. The Mosel River cruises take you to Germany's oldest city Trier founded in 16 B.C. by Roman Emperor Augustus where you can see Roman, Gothic and Renaissance monuments and churches. You may also visit the Reichsburg Castle in Cochem, the burial ground of General George Patton at U.S. Memorial Cemetery in Hamm, Luxembourg, or to Cathedral St. Etienne's in Metz, France, to see a famous Silbermann organ. Mosel River cruise also take you to Nancy, a medieval city in Lorraine, France, where you can visit La Place Stanislas and tour a chocolate factory.

The Rhine River flows through Germany, Austria, Hungary and Netherlands. The Rhine River Cruises includes visit to Basel in Switzerland, Strasbourg in France’s Alsace region, to Bamber in Germany. The Rhine River cruises include stops at Amsterdam, Budapest and Vienna.

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