Best Places in Germany

This article will throw light on the best places in Germany. Germany stands as a perfect example to all the countries in the world with its elegant charm of

the historical cities and its natural beauty. The rich culture intertwined with the glorious past is what Germany stands for. Harvest festivals, high art and culture, the huge tracts of forest, delightful castles and fine wine and beer defines the brilliant and vibrant life in Germany. Germany is a beautiful destination to visit but the best time to visit the country is between the months of May and September.The several tourist destinations in Germany with numerous museums and castles attract thousands of people from all over the world. In the months of November and March, tourists can get the real feel of the high cultural life with several sports events and festivals.


Famous Places in Germany

  • Cologne
    The oldest among all the major cities in Germany is well connected to all other cities in Germany and boasts of its glorious past evident from the number of museums, cathedrals and monuments present all over. The city is famous all over for its twelve Romanesque churches. Of all the monuments, the most famous is the magnificent Kí¶lner Dom or Cologne Cathedral. Other attractions are City Hall, Hansasaal, Overstolzenhaus or the patrician's house, Gí¼rzenich Hall and Zeughaus or the modern arsenal of fifteenth century.View more onCologne

  • Munich
    Munich is often regarded as one of the most popular destinations in Germany. Munich is a city that defines sophistication where the city thrives with number of museums and high art culture. The modern lifestyle is also well intertwined with the traditions. The high tech industries and the sound economy of the city attracts tourists from many parts of the world. The most famous tourist spot in Munich is Palace Neuschwanstein .Other interesting places of sightseeing are century old Cathedral Church of Our Lady, Church of St. Peter, New town hall,
    Carillon, Pinakothek der Moderne (museum of modern art).View more on Munich

  • Stuttgart
    Stuttgart boasts of its clean environment and can be well marked as the greenest city in Europe.The city thrives in a valley with numerous vineyards and thick forests.Number of wine-growing regions and mineral spas attract huge number of relaxation seekers from all the corners of the world. Places of interest in Stuttgart include Wilhelmpalais, the Wurttemberg Mausoleum (museum), The State Theater (Staatstheater),The TV tower (first concrete TV tower in the world), the castle Rosenstein, State Gallery (Staatagallerie) and the main train station (established in 1927).View more on Stuttgart .

  • Berlin
    Berlin is the capital city of Germany and stands as the perfect example in the way it has adapted to the modern lifestyle without overlooking the age old tradition. The museums of the cities have stood as a testimony of the glorious past. It is also interesting to note that Berlin has been listed as a UNESCO City of Design since the year 2005. View more on Berlin
  • Frankfurt
    The city is famous for the the array of skyscrapers strewn across the city.The best time to visit Frankfurt is between late spring to early autumn.There are number of impressive churches like St. Paul´s Church, St. Leonhard´s Church, St. Catherine´s church and Old Nikolai Church. Number of museums are present in Frankfurt and in Museumsufer which is near the city.View more on Frankfurt

    • Rhine Valley
      Rhine Valley often referred to as the “Realms of castles and the city with fields of wine” is vibrant with dramatic landscapes and vineyards on the hills and beautiful castles.Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site (2002), this is one of the most romantic landscapes of Europe.The whole Rhine Valley is bathed in crimson and golden light, the spectacle is sure to leave you in awe.View more on Rhine Valley.

    • Bavaria
      In Bavaria tourists get the privilege to explore and enjoy the beauty of the Alps and lakes with beautiful natural scenery and crystal clear water.Bavaria, Germany is a place which has to offer a lot to tourists of all ages and coming from across the national borders. Sightseeing, mountain climbing, sailing, paragliding, skiing are the main sports that an adventure seeker tourists can indulge themselves into.View more on Bavaria.
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