Holiday Camps

Holiday camps are also known as Holiday centers, holiday villages, and recently they are being referred to as holiday resorts. Unlike hotels where rooms are located one top of the other, holiday camps are spread over a large area. You will get to enjoy most of the facilities that are available in a hotel. At

holiday centers you get to enjoy not only with your own family members but also with other families that gather at adjacent holiday centers to spend their breaks. The resorts at the holiday villages are mainly chalets that are located side by side. If you are planning to travel in your RV or recreational vehicle, there is parking lot at these campsites. For this reason, these holidays are also known as caravan holidays.


History of Holiday Camps

It is believed that Cunnigham’s Young Men’s Holiday Camp is the first holiday center that catered to the needs of the holidaymakers. This resort was located on Isle of Man. The only difference was that earlier, accommodation used to be in tents and not in concrete buildings like today.


The first ever holiday centers was created by Butlins group founded by Billy Butlins. Officially the first holiday camp was set up in the year 1936 at Skegness. However, Harry Warner founder of Warners established the first holiday center in the year 1931. In the year 1946, Fred Pontin founded his Pontin Group.


Over the years, owing to better facilities and services offered by Billy Butlins, the Butlin Group emerged a giant in this field, only to leave behind the other 2 groups – Warners and Pontins.

By the year 1960, Butlin catered to more number of tourists as compared to the other 2 groups taken together. Minehead, Skegness, and Bognor Regis are regarded as the main resorts in Butlin group.

Facilities and Services at Holiday Camps

Holiday camps offer ample opportunity for fun filled activities and enjoyment. The holiday villages are usually given star ratings.


They are categorized into 5-star, 4-star, 3-star, and 2-star. The amenities are available depending on star rating. The resorts with 5-stars usually have excellent amenities. You can expect the following facilities and services at the holiday villages.



The packages available include all meals and entertainment expenses. A holidaymaker can also customize his trip and may or may not include meals in his package. It means that every week holiday camps have to serve more than 200, 000 meals. In some holiday camps more than 10, 000 holidaymakers have their meal on the same site on the same day. Typical meals comprise tea, pork chops, eggs, sausages, soup, and potatoes.



You can take part in several recreational activities. Given below are facilities that you can avail when you book your holiday in a holiday resort.

  • Outdoor and indoor heated swimming pools
  • Separate swimming pool for kids and adults
  • Jacuzzi
  • Spa center
  • Volleyball, table tennis, tennis, badminton court. Soccer, billiards, and snooker area
  • Cinema hall
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Golf and horse riding

  • Redcoats are one of the main attractions at Butlins. Similarly, the Pontins and the Warners use Bluecoats and Greencoats respectively to entertain guests. Many festivities on Christmas, New Year, Halloween, and Thanksgiving are celebrated on the holiday camps in different parts of the world.

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