Holiday Homes

Amidst a busy schedule, a holiday is a welcome relief. Holiday homes serve the purpose of providing great accommodation at lesser cost. You can take such an accommodation on rent, lease or buy one in your favorite destination. Holiday homes in hilly area, beaches and other destinations can be rented, as few countries may not allow you to buy property without being a resident.

Unique holiday homes in the world:

If you want to live in a unique house during your holidays, you can take a look at some of the best holiday homes listed below.
  • Calypso Castle: The house with a stone tower is a great rental home for tourists. It is located in Skopelos in Greece.
  • The White Elephant Floating Inn: White Elephant Floating Inn is located in Boston in United States. It serves as a great attraction to tourists who enjoy its historical features and the Boston Tea Party.
  • Dome Ecile: It’s a geometric beauty and a lovely place to stay in. People love to stay in this holiday home, which has a beautiful beach too.
  • 1926 C&O Caboose: The classic red railcar that stands as a holiday home looks quite interesting. You can actually feel like a conductor and reside at this rented home, which lies in Virginia of United States.
  • Modern Cottage: Would you like to stay in a wooden box that lies on a steep hill. This is what Modern Cottage looks like. It lies nestled among the trees near Pender Harbor. It is an architectural wonder, which has a chic dí©cor. You will love to stay in such wilderness.
  • Anna Maria Island Private Tropical Garden Home: Staying at this lovely holiday home like this is a real pleasure. It is surrounded by a tropical garden and a waterfall pool.
    • Elk Run: Lying on the prairie in Colorado in United States, this is a huge rented holiday home. The place can accommodate a maximum of 12 to 15 people. It also has 800 acres area for fun activities like, snowmobiling, biking, fishing and hiking.

Top holiday destinations with holiday homes:

If you love holidaying and staying at a good accommodation, you will love to check out some of these given below:

H3: Holiday Homes in Europe: Europe is a favorite holiday destination for thousands of tourists. The continent has beautiful countries like, Belgium, France, Croatia, Greece and Germany, which are visited by holidaymakers.

Well known holiday homes in Europe:

  • Roma
  • Torre di Mosto
  • Magione
  • Sandane
  • Hommersak
  • Vallersund
  • Dirdal
  • Super Titania
  • Super Selenia

Holiday homes in USA:

United States of America has always been an attraction to tourists worldwide. Some of the important cities of America include Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York City, Florida and Philadelphia. You can pick your holiday destination and rent a beautiful holiday home, which lies in that area.

Well known holiday homes in USA:

  • Holiday Villa in Magic Landings, Orlando
  • Holiday Villa, Westridge, Orlando
  • Holiday Villa, Florida
  • Holiday Villa, Disney, Florida
  • Gleneagles Golf Villa, Florida

Holiday Homes in Australia:

Australia is blessed with its natural wonders. The flora and fauna of this country makes several of its cities, a major attraction to the tourists. Sydney, Perth, Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast are some of the main holiday destinations in Australia.

Well known holiday homes in Australia:

  • Cairns beachfront
  • Star rated luxury beachside townhouse apartment,
  • Ocean front house near Whale Beach, Sydney
  • Melbourne Beachside house
  • Cairns Beachfront Villa
  • St Helena Villa, Perth
  • Rainforest home in Cairns
Holiday homes are lot comfortable and promise you a private time. You can lease, rent or buy a beautiful holiday home at an exotic location and have the best holidays ever.

Last updated on 10/10/2010