Holiday Insurance

Whether you are holidaying in your own country or visiting some international destinations, traveling often involves some risks. After reaching your desired destination, you may encounter some untoward situations. Or sometimes you may have to return to your base town in the middle of your travel due to some emergency. In some cases, a medical crisis may require immediate hospitalization. In most cases,

your existing insurance policies are not sufficient to offer you adequate coverage for these risks at the time of the travel. Without adequate insurance coverage, you may be exposed to significant financial losses. So, if you are planning a safe and enjoyable journey, opt for a holiday insurance scheme and travel in a peaceful mind.

Holiday insurance schemes aim to cover medical expenses and financial & other losses incurred during the travel, either within one’s country or internationally. Generally, temporary travel insurance schemes are arranged at the time of booking of the trip. Travel insurance scheme can be purchased from the insurance companies, travel agents and the travel insurance companies such as cruiserlines or tour operators. But the holiday insurance schemes purchased from the travel operators are less inclusive than the policies offered by the insurance companies. This travel insurance covers the risk of a variety of travelers.

Various travel options that are generally insured are listed below.

Adventure travel
Cruise travel
Leisure travel
Business travel
Student travel
International travel

Coverage Types

The common risks that are generally covered by travel insurance plans are listed below.

Medical expenses
Accidental death
Trip cancellation/interruption
Overseas funeral expenses
Personal liability and rental car damage excess
Delayed departure
Emergency evacuation
Loss, theft or damage to personal possessions and money
Repatriation of remains
Legal assistance
Delayed baggage
Return of a minor child

Choosing a Holiday Insurance Plan

The requirements for each of them are varied. You may have your sick parents in your home while you are in an African safari””which means that anytime you may have to return back to your home. You may be suffering from heart diseases. So while in your tour to rural China, you may have to fall back on travel medical insurance.

So while choosing your holiday insurance plan, you sit down with your travel operator or insurance company and write all your concerns regarding the trip. These concerns may include cancellation of the trip due to illness of yours or of some members of your family, losing your bags or missing a flight. You may rate them in terms of importance while deciding your plan. You can also use a comparison site to get the best policy meeting your requirements. Before picking your plan, you should also pay utmost attention to the benefits and exclusions of these plans. The benefits part describes the coverage that you will receive and the exclusions part tells about the non-applicability of the benefits. Before opting for any policy, read and understand these criteria well.

Latest Updated on 30/12/2010