Holiday Tips

Be it the mountains, beaches or the islands you will always need few essential holiday tips. These are small “things to do” that would be handy if you include

them in your travel plan. In this page, we have discussed few important holiday tips for you.

General Holiday Tips

So let us get started with some of the general holiday tips. They mostly pertain to things that you can check on even before you have started holidaying.

  • After deciding your holiday spot, check with your travel agent about the tour deals. We suggest that you take quotes from two travel agents and opt for the one that suits your budget.
  • Do a quick online research about the best time to visit a place.
  • The best time to visit most hill stations is early summers.
  • Enquire about the standard payment process of a particular place. In most of the cities, towns and countries you can pay via cash, cheque, card and other Visa/ MasterCard alternatives.
  • For shopping, carry liquid cash for safety. This is because, apart from the malls which accept cards you might like to shop from the local stalls and small shopping joints.
  • Even if you are assisted with a travel guide, it is always better to carry a local travel map along with you.
  • Always carry important helpline numbers when you are going for a long vacation. These would mostly include medical centers, police stations, consumer court, list of famous hotels and restaurants, fire stations, airports and railways.

  • If your destination needs Visa, passport and other documents carry them in a safe file. You can get them photocopied and use them until the original is required.
  • Carry a small medical kit, containing medicines, band-aids, anti-septic lotions, scissors, anti-flammation creams and digestive pills.

Holiday Vacation Tips

Different locations would require different travel tips. If you are visiting a sea beach, your travel kit is going to be different from that of someone visiting an island. Let us browse over few quick holiday vacation tips.

Beach Holiday Tips

  • Carry light summer and beach dresses.
  • When going for a beach destinations carry suntan creams.
  • Other important accessories are walking slippers, hats, sunglasses and beachwear’s.
  • If you want to participate in water sports carry your sports shoes and dress.
  • We suggest when you are participating in any water sports to seek the help of a trainer if you are a novice.
  • Carry mineral water bottles while you travel.
  • When eating from the beach food joints or shopping from beach stalls use cash.

Mountain Holiday Tips

  • Most people visit hill stations during the winter months. We suggest you carry your woolies and winter garments.
  • Some hill stations are extremely cold during winters. In such cases, you can plan your trip accordingly..
  • When going for sight seeing enquire about the safe areas. That is, areas free of landslides or other local hindrances.
  • Carry essential sports gears if you would be participating in adventure sports and other outdoor activities.

These are few fast and easy holiday tips that you can follow. If you are visiting an Island, one of the essential island vacation tips is book the package deals or guided tours.

Last updated on 23/9/2010