Calendar Holidays 2012- US

Holidays in United States of America, are decided by the Federal Law (5 U.S.C 6103). These apply for the federal employees. Employees on federal roll usually work 5 days a week – Monday through Friday.

If calendar holidays 2012 – US will fall on Saturday or Sunday, the following or the previous day will be announced as a holiday.

For instance, if the holiday is on Sunday, Monday is declared as a holiday. If it a holiday on Saturday, Friday is declared as a holiday.

Significance of calendars holidays 2012 – US

Holidays are times when we unwind and relax. But not many of us actually know the significance of celebrating these holidays. Let us see what few of the holidays actually mean and the reason for their celebration.

Martin Luther King Day

It is a federal holiday. It is, usually observed, on 3rd Monday in the month of January. He launched many campaigns to put an end to racism. He fought for racial equality in USA. The holiday celebrates his achievements.

Memorial Day

The last Monday of the month of May is observed as Memorial Day. Earlier it was known as Decoration Day. It remembers men and women who have sacrificed their lives while serving in the defense services of United States of America. It also marks the beginning of the summer season.

Independence Day

Independence Day is often, referred as “Fourth of July”. On this day in the year 1776, United States was, declared independence from Great Britain. The American flag is, hoisted at important and prominent buildings.

President’s Day

Third Monday of the month of February is celebrated as President’s Day. On this day, the first President of United States, George Washington’s work and life is honored. This day, the other presidents of the country are, honored too. As such the day is known as President’s Day.

Labor Day

The first Monday of September is observed as Labor Day. Earlier the day was, celebrated to honor the contribution of various labor organizations towards the economic growth of the country. However, over the years, it is celebrated as a “rest day”. It also marks the end of summer.

Christmas Day

December 25th is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Decorating Christmas trees, visiting friends and relatives, preparing new recipes, and exchanging gifts are some of the activities people enjoy on this day.

The table below highlights some of the important calendar holidays 2012 –US.


Date of Holiday Occasion

January 1st

New Year’s Day

January 16th

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

February 20th

President’s Day

March 11th

Beginning of Daylight Saving Time

April 8th


May 13th

Mother’s Day

May 28th

Memorial Day

June 17th

Father’s Day

July 4th

Independence Day

September 3rd

Labor Day

October 8th

Columbus Day

November 4th

End of Daylight Saving Time

November 11th

Veteran’s Day

November 22nd


December 24th

Christmas Eve

December 25th

Christmas Day

December 31st

New Year ‘s Evde



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