Planning your Honeymoon Holiday

Honeymoon is the time when a newly married couple after taking vows of spending their lives together, set off for a vacation all by themselves.

The honeymoon holiday is a special occasion. It is usually marked with a lot of excitement and fun.

What is honeymoon

Honeymoon is basically a holiday that is spent after you get married. It is a vacation for the newlywed couples. The duration of the honeymoon can be from a week to a month. It can be for a shorter period too.

The origin of honeymoon dates back to the ancient times when weddings were held on “Full Moon” nights. It is believed that Teutonic weddings took place on a full moon night in yester years. This explains the “Moon” part. The significance of “honey” is that it is believed that in olden days in Europe, newly married coupled drank honey mead for one full month. So, this gives it the name “honeymoon”.

How to make your honeymoon special


There are different ways in which you can make your honeymoon holiday special. Given below are few tips that can work wonders for you and your spouse. Check them out.

Tips for honeymoon

It is very important to make your honeymoon a success. This is possible only if you plan out your holidays in advance. The list below highlights tips for honeymoon that can make your honeymoon holiday memorable.

  • Plan it out well
    Planning your honeymoon well is the first step to making your honeymoon holiday successful. Best is to write it down in a piece of paper. It helps you to remember details better.
  • Undertake short trips before the honeymoon
    When you get married, unless you have known each other before, you are spending most of your time with a new person. So, before you set off for distant trip, make short trips to weekend getaways and see how well you gel.
    • Select a honeymoon destination, which both of you like
      Select a honeymoon destination, which both of you like. It can be a beach, mountain tour, museum tour, city tour, and cruise trips.
    • Make sure you spend alone with your spouse
      In addition to exploring the places of interest, try to spend as much time as you can with your spouse. Share lighter moments. It necessarily needn’t be sharing a candlelight dinner, but a small thoughtful idea can work wonders.
    • Take part in activities liked by both
      Take part in those activities that both of you will enjoy doing together. For instance, if both you and your spouse like parasailing, go for it.

Famous honeymoon destinations

Honeymoon holiday destinations are many. You can visit these places for your honeymoon. Once you have decided upon the destination, make sure you book your accommodation well in advance. It is also important to know the weather conditions before you set off for the place. The list below highlights the popular honeymoon holiday destinations.

  • Las Vegas
  • Hawaii
  • Langkawi
  • Malaysia
  • Niagara Falls
  • Orlando
  • Bali
  • Bahamas
  • Virgin Islands
  • Jamaica
  • Caymen Island
  • France
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • London
  • India


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