Honeymoon in Australia

The natural wonders and the diverse wildlife would make your honeymoon in Australia memorable. For the couples who are nature and animal lovers, this is a

perfect honeymoon spot. Booking your romantic vacation in Australia is very easy. You can get in touch with your travel agent and book a package trip. We suggest guided tour for your honeymoon. This would allow you to spend some lone time with your partner as well as explore various places.


Best Honeymoon sites in Australia

For all honeymoon couples we suggest the east coast of Australia. This is where you would find the major activities to take part in. Most Australian natives reside here either in small coastal towns or in the serene countryside.


The east coast is well known for its huge expanse of the coastline. It gives scope for beach activities. If both of you love ocean adventures, then you can try snorkeling with the huge and gentle whale sharks. You will get them mostly off the western coastal region. Another option is trying scuba diving in the east coast, at the large coral reefs.


Australia Weather Conditions

  • In General Australia climate in divided into two classes arid and Semi arid
  • In the north the climate is mostly tropical with dry and wet seasons.
  • In the south the climate is moderate with cool, wet winters and hot, dry summers.
  • The average summer temperature in Australia is about 84 degrees F or 29 degrees C
  • The average winter temperature ranges around 56 degrees F or 13 degrees C.


Honeymoon beaches in Australia

Taking a casual walk or sitting idly with your partner on the sand beaches and gazing at the setting sun are few of the romantic things you could do on your honeymoon. Your honeymoon in Australia would take you to the best beaches the country has. We have listed down some of the best honeymoon beach spots for you.



Hyams Beach

Located in Jervis Bay in south Sydney, Hyams Beach is well known for its idyllic surrounding and pleasant atmosphere. Australia is known to have the best white sandy beaches in the world.

Apart from this you can also visit Queensland’s Fraser Island. This is one of the biggest circled by white sands, a stretch of old trees and huge towering sand dunes.




Ninety Mile Beach

On your trip to Melbourne you can make a quick visit to Ninety Mile Beach situated at Lakes Entrance. This is in the eastern side of Melbourne. You can visit the huge Hawaii –sized surf that is located on the Margaret River Shipwreck Coast, in the south-western region. Apart from this, other attractions include the sun loving sea lions in Kangaroo Island, located south of Australia. Couples would come across various species here.


Sydney Beaches

The best beaches in Australia are located in Sydney. As you explore the shores

you will find the secret harbor beaches, sleepy bays, surf beaches, and dramatic cliff headlands.


Bondi Beach

Bondi is acclaimed as the most famous honeymoon site in Australia. International tourists and local natives visit this place very often. You can find the surfers and the life guards. Apart from this there are a plentiful of restaurants as an add on to the Parade. With its natural surrounding the country has the best cosmopolitan beach.


Other tourist attractions in Australia

This apart, you can explore other tourist attractions in Australia. We have listed down few options for you.

  • Silky Oaks Lodge and Healing Waters Spa, Qld
  • Wilderness Challenge Safari, Qld,WA
  • The Settlers Hut, NSW
  • Cradle Mountain Chateau, Tas
  • Balinese Retreat, Vic


Honeymoon in Australia would give you few beautiful private moments. Accommodations too are taken care of in terms of hotels, inns, resorts, lodges and holiday homes. You can book the one you like depending on the price. Sometimes, you enjoy attractive discounts and complementary packages as well.


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