Honeymoon Destinations by month

Honeymoon Destinations

We all want our honeymoon to be very special and memorable. Honeymoon destinations are scattered throughout the globe. Each place has got significance, and you can enjoy better of you visit when it’s recommended.

We have identified few names and have classified them as the famous honeymoon destination by Month. Each month adds a personal flavor to it. The months have been assigned to them based on research and also tourist feedback.

Names of Honeymoon Destinations by month


The various honeymoon destinations by month are as follows:-

January Honeymoon Destinations


Thailand is one of the attractive places to visit. The place offers you high quality food and noteworthy restaurants. You can also opt for honeymoon spots in famous places like Costa Rica in Thailand.

February Honeymoon Destinations


One of the best honeymoon destinations in February is India. You can visit the various towns and cities, and understand the rich culture and the diverse traditions. You have endless attractions here. One of the famous places to visit is The Taj Mahal in Agra. In addition there are the beautiful temples of Khajuraho. Other destinations include Cuba, Maldives and Kenya.

March honeymoon Destinations


This is a place where you will find an interesting mix of Arab, Islamic, Beber, France and African cultures. The place has got some of the best shopping malls and beautiful beaches.

April Honeymoon Destinations


This terrain is a mix of the best of adventure. You can explore the huge mountains and the isolated beaches. Apart from Mexico other names that come to me are Nepal, China and Egypt.

May Honeymoon Destinations


For the travelers having an interest for historical places can plan their honeymoon trip to Peru. It offers variety of locales as well as an exquisite collection of hotels and resorts. The place is also rich in its Flora and Fauna. You can explore the Amazon jingle, the Andes Mountain as well as the Nazca desert. Other places where you can plan your honeymoon are Indonesia and Tibet.

June Honeymoon Destinations

Dominican Republic

For all couples seeking water sports and outdoor activities, Dominican Republic is an ideal choice. You can be a part of the casinos, golf courses, snorkeling and other water sports activities. Other places of interest in this month are Madagascar, Brazil and Papua New Guinea.

July Honeymoon Destinations


This is situated on the Leeward Island of Caribbean. The place being covered by coral reefs all over is just perfect for snorkeling. Madagascar, Turkey and Thailand are other places that you can visit on the month of June.

August Honeymoon Destinations


The best time to visit Mauritius for your honeymoon in August. You will come across the beautiful sandy beaches, high mountains and also the green stretches of sugar plantations. Two other places that you can consider as well in this month are Brazil and Zanzibar.

September Honeymoon Destinations


You can choose Turkey for your honeymoon trip, if you do not want to travel a long distance. The place is well known for its historical monuments and the lavish beaches. You also have excellent options in shopping. The inhabitants of Turkey are warm and welcoming. Few other options for travel in September would include Jordan, South Africa and Brazil.

October Honeymoon Destinations


Bali is a well known honeymoon destination. Its physical appearance is what entices the couples most. The pleasant weather of the island makes it one of the popular haunts. Japan, Peru and Argentina are few other options to travel to in October that you can consider.

November Honeymoon Destinations


When thinking about your honeymoon getaway in November, why not choose Australia. The place would offer you some of the best natural wonders that would entice you and your partner. Other places of interest in this month can be Chile, Taiwan and Argentina.

December Honeymoon Destinations


The best place to visit in December for your honeymoon in Jamaica. The reasons to travel are pictorial landscapes, lavish beaches, thriving flora and high mountain ranges. Apart from this, other honeymoon destinations are Sri Lanka and Kenya.

These would some of the well known honeymoon destinations by month, that you can refer to whilst planning for your honeymoon.


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