Honeymoon in France

France is one of the fascinating countries in Europe that seamlessly blends romance in its rich historic tradition. Popular throughout the world for its

unmatched wines and excellent cuisine, this country has fast become a favorite honeymoon destination with the newlyweds. While on your honeymoon in France, you will come across the best mix of natural splendor and man-made grandeur found in its spectacular beaches, wonderful countryside, and architectural marvels. Additionally, the beauty of the vineyards and the charm of the cities add to the romantic appeal of the country.


When to Visit France

The country bordered by the Mediterranean Sea feature a diverse climatic condition throughout the year. You can plan a visit to France during the months of spring and autumn, as the weather remains most pleasant during those months. For a visit round the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, the months between May and September offers the best climate. These months record maximum tourist visit and is considered the peak season with top rates. However, you can also plan to tour the country on October, as the rates are low during this month with fewer tourists visiting the destination. A winter visit must always be planned in the region of Alsace and French Alps. The Alps are ideal for skiing during the season. It is advisable that you avoid visiting Cí´te d’Azur during the months of July and August, as the weather remains hot during that period.


France for Honeymoon


Honeymoon in France are usually best enjoyed by couples having love for history, culture, and art. Additionally, couples having a taste for fine cuisine will also love touring the country that is famous for its wine and dine experience. Here, you will come across the wonderful blend of rural and urban regions offering the best escapade of a romantic holiday. Couples desiring a

relaxing holiday will also find retreat in the country’s costal regions.


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Honeymoon Activities in France


A romantic holiday in France leaves the honeymooners spoilt for choices. With so many things to do and see, you will never come across a dull moment during your visit. You can indulge in a cruise vacation along the Seine and Loire or along the Cherbourg and Nice coasts during your vacation. You can also choose to tour the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay along with a guide. Other activities that is certain to keep you busy throughout the tour include wine tasting, hot-air ballooning, taking a cycle tour along the country roads, participating in cooking classes, and going for a long drive in the valley regions.


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Romantic Getaway to France


France with its diverse landscape has always interested the nature lovers along with tourist having love for art and culture. While the inland area of Provence featuring wonderful rural charm and green landscape is a treat to the eyes, the vineyards hold a special appeal for the wine lovers. The charming towns reflecting the rich architectural heritage of the country is also a delight for the honeymooners. For a relaxing vacation at the resorts, you have the coastal regions serving your best interest. The famous Cote d’Azur and the French Riviera are the popular escaped of a romantic vacation.


Romantic Destinations in France



On your honeymoon in France, you will have plenty of areas to visit that ranges from cities to valleys to coastal regions. Here is a look at some of the popular places of visit in France that have for always wooed the newly-weds on a vacation.


– the capital city is a must visit and a dream destination for every honeymooners in the country. The city with its architectural wonders, rich culture, and excellent cuisine have always interested the newly-weds. Complement your city visit with a trip to the Eiffel Tower, the iconic attraction of the country. Rise atop the tower with your partner to catch beautiful views of the city skyline. Other attractions include visiting the world-renowned Louvre Museum and taking a dinner cruise along the Seine River.

Cí´te d’Azur

- No honeymoon trip to France is ever complete without a visit to the Cí´te d’Azur. With its golden beaches, blue waters, and mountain backdrops, the place is a real charmer. Here, you will find charming seaside towns sitting pretty next to medieval villages. Restaurants, bars, and casino line the region offering great fun and entertainment along with a relaxing holiday. Additionally, this region is also home to Monaco known for its yachts and the sparkling town of Monte-Carlo at its center.

Loire Valley

– spreading across the southern and western region of Paris, the Loire Valley is another popular site of visit for the honeymooners. With its lush green rolling farms, elegant country estates, and the age- old romantic chateaux, the valley is a delight to the newly-weds. You can reach the valley region easily from the capital city. It is advisable that you take a guided trip during the day to reach the destination.


– Situated to the north of French Riviera, this is another frequently visited destination among the honeymooners. A district of valleys, hills, and mountains, this region is famous for its natural beauty. Additionally, the historic towns reflecting the glory of rich architectural heritage add to the romantic appeal of the destination. You can easily reach the region from Paris on the high-speed TGV trains.


– during your trip to the country, always consider visiting the Normandy across the Atlantic coast. This region is located close to Paris and offers an ideal beach retreat to the honeymooners. It is ideal to visit the region during the autumn season.

The Palace of Versailles and Chateau de Fontainebleau situated close to the Paris are the other popular honeymoon spots in France. The architectural splendor of Versailles and Fontainebleau offers a treat to the eyes. You can also make your tour special with a romantic stay at the chí¢teaux of the Loire Valley. Visiting the wineries and indulging in wine tasting are the other add-ons of a honeymoon in France.

A tour to the beaches of St. Tropez, Cannes, and Nice in the French Riviera completes your romantic vacation in France. The Cote De Azur is the start attraction in the country and a must stop for every honeymooners. Here, you can indulge in either a long walk down the shore or participate in activities like sailing, swimming, and fishing.

Additionally, a number of other destinations offer a nice visit during your trip to the country. These places are –

  1. Corsica
  2. Monaco
  3. Alsace
  4. Burgundy
  5. Brittany

  6. Honeymoon Accommodation in France

    On your honeymoon in France, you will come across a range of accommodation offering you a great stay. Here, you will come across hotels and resorts offering both luxurious and a budget stay suiting the need of your pocket. If you are looking forward to a luxurious and grand staying experience, cities like Paris, Monaco, and Nice come to your best help. On the other hand, budget travelers are sure to find their interest in charming villas, chateaux, and small hotels. Most of these are situated in the countryside, estates, and the villages of the country. On the coastal region, you will find spa resorts within the range of modern to modest. These resorts excel in cuisine and other services.
    Here is a list of some of the hotels and resorts that are known to offer great accommodation during your honeymoon in France –

    • Villa Marie - St Tropez
    • Hotel Mont Blanc - Megí¨ve
    • Bastide de Marie - Provence
    • Hotel Casa Del Mar – Corsica
    • Chí¢teau de Bagnols - Beaujolais


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