Honeymoon in Nashville

What ideas do you have in mind while preparing for the perfect honeymoon getaway There are many couples who look for more than a perfect destination when it comes to spending the perfect honeymoon. Today, we have the opportunity to seek the help of professional honeymoon planners who will chalk out the perfect plan for couples who want to spend their honeymoon with a difference. If you have decided upon a honeymoon in Nashville, you can also take advice from professional planners or make your own honeymoon plans as you travel to the Tennessee capital and get engaged in its rich culture, music and heritage. Nashville is known worldwide for its popular dining and entertainment areas and of course its rich history of pop, rock and country music. While you get a feel of the old world charm in the Nashville culture, the city is also the largest metropolitan area of Tennessee, a primary reason for its ever-increasing population. So choose Nashville honeymoon to feel America’s rich store of culture and music.



Best Time to Visit Nashville


The best time to visit Nashville is during the spring and early summer months of April through September when the weather is pleasant with temperatures being neither too high nor too low. The days are warm and evenings cool during this time of the year and all around you is color in the form of flowering plants. But this time of the year is also the busiest time for Nashville; the time when the maximum number of tourists visit the city. Therefore be careful to make your travel plans and book the hotels that you will be putting up at well in advance. We would suggest a three months advance planning if you have decided to spend your honeymoon in Nashville.
You may also visit Nashville during the fall season in the months of October and November. Some couples will vote for the fall season as the best time to visit the city because the crowd is comparatively less during this time of year, ensuring the privacy that all honeymoon couples need.
And if you want to enjoy the season’s first snowfall with your loved one, nothing better than traveling to Nashville in the winter months from December to March. The winters are chilly are perfect for a romantic getaway in Nashville. Moreover, hotel packages are very low in the city during the winters and the best option for couples who are holidaying on a budget.



Romantic Getaways for Honeymoon Couples in Nashville


Nashville is the perfect getaway for couples who are well conversed in or have an interest in art. There are art colonies in almost every corner of the Tennessee city. The works of local artists and artistes of international repute are housed in the galleries, the studios and the museums that dot the nooks and corners of Nashville. Visiting these art centers hand in hand with the person you love is romantic indeed. We give you a list of the top honeymoon places in Nashville.


  • Tennessee State Museum – this is one of the largest museums of the United States and should be visited by all couples and individuals who want to get acquainted with the history of the country. The museum hosts artifacts dating back to the early years of the 20th century. The masterpieces stored inside the museum will help you to understand several incidents like the American Civil War and the Age of Jackson better.


  • The Parthenon – this Nashville structure will help you to see a replica of the Parthenon of Athens in the United States.

  • Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum – this structure is more than a museum. The museum preserves the rich tradition of country music in Nashville and is considered an arts organization of international recognition.

  • Belcourt Theater – you can enjoy a live performance or an independent feature film in this theater with your partner. Run by a non-profit organization, this is one of the best theaters of Nashville.

  • Apart from sites of tourist interest, Nashville offers you with a host of music festivals which you can enjoy and which sets the mood for a perfect romantic outing.

    The Contemporary Christian music festival is the celebration of inspirational music or modern popular music in Nashville. Several international artists participate in this music fest and present pop and rock songs which focus on the worship of the Christian faith.
    It is the popularity of different forms of music in Nashville that has led to the formation of the Music Row in the city; this is an avenue which consists of business units related to the country music, contemporary Christian music and gospel music industries.

    You may also choose to go enroute the different nature parks, botanical gardens and wildlife centers in Nashville during the peak season while enjoying the warm day sun. The Cheekwood Botanical Garden, the Nashville Zoo and the Metro Board of Parks and Recreation are well known names in these categories. Shopping is another popular activity that honeymoon couples in Nashville can engage in. Artisans in the city make jewelry, apparel, candles, vintage toys and several other objects.


    Where to Stay in Nashville


    Nashville comprises countrysides and metropolitan areas, thus offering a wide range of accommodation in both the budget and the deluxe category. You may also be lucky to enjoy special discounts during the off-season visits to Nashville.

    The Hermitage Hotel
    231 Sixth Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee 37219
    Ph No. (615)244-3121

    Double Tree Hotel
    315 4th Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee
    Ph No. (615)244-8200

    Sheraton Nashville Downtown Hotel
    623 Union Street, Nashville, Tennessee
    Ph No. (615)259-2000

    Hilton Nashville Downtown
    121 4th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee
    Ph No. (615)620-1000

    Brentwood Suites
    622 Church St. East, Brentwood, Tennessee, US 37027
    Ph No. 1-800-311-4307

    Enjoy your honeymoon in Nashville and enjoy the local delicacies of hot chicken, barbecues and hot fish. Check holidayshub to help you with more online information on how to enjoy the perfect honeymoon in Nashville.



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