Honeymoon in Russia

Honeymoon in Russia can make the special days of your married life worth cherishing. Treasure the romantic days of your life; capture romantic essence of

every moment with your beloved at the onset of a wedded life by choosing your honeymoon destination in Russia, the lovers’paradise. Honeymoon in Russia will offer you a few quality days in the paradise of romance. Russia is waiting for you with all its treasures to mesmerize you and your beloved on your honeymoon days. Spend a fortnight in the lovely romantic ambiance of Russia and get a great start for your new life. Russia is one of the most sought after destinations to the honeymooners.

The splendid natural beauty of Russia, architectural splendor, great cultural heritage, wonderful weather, excellent accommodation, warm hospitality, culinary delight, can add delight to your honeymoon in Russia. Russia unfolds itself at every turn to surprise you with its diverse treasures. The pictures landscape, majestic lakes, rivers, picturesque meadows, towering mountains and majestic volcanoes, Russia has it all to make your honeymoon days worth cherishing.

Apart from its natural treasures Russia will mesmerize you with its rich cultural and architectural heritage. Explore the wonderful culture of Russia during your honeymoon days, enjoy the great music and dance, sip the lovely drinks and pamper your taste buds with some delectable dishes during the honeymoon days in Russia. One of the must experience things in Russia is the unique art and architecture. The wonderful Icon art and the beautiful architectural splendors will surely move you.


On the verge of beginning a new life bestow on your beloved the most beautiful and precious things. Choose your honeymoon in Russia and enjoy something extra during your honeymoon days. Russia excels in hospitality. The wide array of hotels in Russia offers great accommodation for all the honeymooners. There are a large number of romantic hotels in Russia, which can be the perfect cocoon of

comfort for the honeymoon couples. The ambiance of the hotels is great and provides you some intimate and relaxing hours in the days of your honeymoon


If you are an adventure lover then also Russia has ample options for you. The rivers and lakes of Russia offer great opportunity for exciting water sports. A lot of adventure sports like, kayaking, hunting, fishing, sailing, cruising, hiking, biking, horse trekking, camel riding etc. to take the maximum thrill during the romantic holidays. The most romantic places of Russia include the landmarks of Moscow, like, The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, The Bolshoi Theater, Gorky Park, St.Isaac's Cathedral, Red Square, Novodevichy Convent and Monastery, The Tretyakov Gallery, The Arbat, Izmailovsky Souvenir Market, etc.

Give a new dimension to your love life by making your honeymoon in Russia. Located in the Northern Asia, between Europe and the North Pacific Ocean, Russia is an extremely vast country. The diverse features of Russia include the uplands and mountains, tundra in Siberia and lush coniferous forest. Honeymoon in Russia gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of the other popular attractions of Russia like, Saint Petersburg, Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Siberia, Golden Ring:, Black Sea, Volga River, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Karelia, Lake Ladoga, etc. .


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