Honeymoon in Switzerland

Switzerland Holidays is one of the ideal places of the world to enjoy the unforgettable sensation of honeymoon. Honeymoon requires wonderful natural settings and serenity. Newly married couples first of all need privacy as it is one of the essential condition of getting familiar with each other.

To understand each other throughly and also to share each other's feelings and emotions the new married couples leave from their homes in search of a lonely place. This is a place far far away from the hue and cry of the madding crowd. Honeymoon tours in Switzerland are always attractive as it is a country which abounds in natural beauty. There are also many other types of attractions in Switzerland which include the boating on the several lakes in Switzerland.These lakes are surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful places of attractions. One may take part in boating on these lakes and one may also enjoy rafting on many of these lakes.


What Switzerland Offers to Newly Weds

Will take you to the small villages famous for their chocolate industry. These are the legendary villages of Switzerland offering a chance to taste the wonderful taste of the swiss chocolate. Several Cheap honeymoon packages are also available .

Other than that o a honeymoon couple may give their eyes extreme pleasure by looking at the lush growth of the orchards located in many parts of Switzerland. These orchards offer regular supply of fruits to the breweries. Trekking on the various parts of alps is also one of the attractions of honeymoon tours in Switzerland. During this tour the honeymoon couples will invariably enjoy the legendary snowfall for which this country is famous. Snow fall in Switzerland is so beautiful that every year thousands of travelers visit this country only to experience this wonderful natural occurrence.

Honeymoon in Switzerland will take you to the places like the following. All these are very beautiful places famous for their breathtaking beauty. Tourists can take rest in the rooms of many plush hotels in the places of attraction in Switzerland. Honeymoon tours in Switzerland will take you to the place known as top of Europe. Jungfraujocjh is a place located at Switzerland is known as top of Europe. The legendary snow fall of Switzerland is warranted in this place.

Many other places of attractions in Switzerland like Luzern and Interlaken are famous for their scenic beauty. To reach at these places one can get on a train moving across the rugged mountainous region of alps. The scenic beauty that may be enjoyed during the train journey is so beautiful that this journey itself is a tourist attraction in Switzerland.

Main Honeymoon Destinations in Switzerland

Luzern Lujern is one of the honeymoon destinations in Switzerland. This is one of the famous tourist attractions in Switzerland famous for its lakes situated at Thun and Brienz. Romantic setting of the place draw tourists and honeymoon couples from every corner of the world here in Luzern.

Interlaken This is a place famous for its beautiful lakes. This is actually a famous tourist spot located at the center of the two lakes of Interlaken namely Thun and Brienz.The main attractions of Jungfraujocjh is the ice palace and ice gate.


Switzerland Weather Conditions

Switzerland has a cool and cozy climate throughout the year.The weather conditions of switzerland is divided into mainly three seasons Spring, summer and autumn.

  • In spring the daytime temperature range is between 8 to 15 °C.
  • From July to August the daytime temperature range is 18 to 28°C
  • From January to February the daytime temperature range is -2 to 7°C.

Although tourist visit switzerland round the year . But it is visited mostly in the summer season .You are advised to take a sweater, a light raincoat and folding umbrella while going on a Honeymoon in Switzerland.


Honeymoon Hotels in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its mind boggling stretches of green unspoilt and and also for the breathtaking view of the Alps mountain which one can enjoy during one's tour in this abode of peace and tranquility.Honeymoon hotels in Switzerland are really the best of its kind. Almost in every country of the world you will find honeymoon hotels but the honeymoon hotels in Switzerland offers such kind of warm hospitality that you will find it very difficult to forget your sojourn in the honeymoon hotels in Switzerland.Some of them are as follows:-

  • Albergo Giardino
    Via Segnale 10
    Ascona (Tessin)
    + 41 (0)91 785 88 88

  • Badrutts Palace Hotel
    Via Serlas
    27 7500 St. Moritz
    +41 81 837 1000

  • Eden Au Lac
    + 044 266 25 25

  • Grand Regina - Alpin Wellfit Hotel
    CH-3818 Grindelwald
    +41 0 33 854 86 00


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