Honeymoon in Turkey

Have you ever thought of going for a honeymoon in Turkey Though it might sound bit odd as a honeymoon option, but Turkey would really be a wonderful place for the newly married couples or even the old couples who are yearning to rekindle their romance.

Turkey is counted as one of the best Mediterranean destinations as far as honeymoon is concerned. Turkey is a fine blend of the ancient charms with the modern settings. You will get to experience Mediterranean mystery and splendor over there. Everything about Turkey is wonderful starting from fascinating coastlines to delicious cuisines. Thus, honeymoon in Turkey would be a wonderful option for you all.

When ever we are talking about honeymoon in Turkey, we are actually referring to Istanbul as the ideal destination for honeymoon couples. Istanbul is a vibrating metropolitan city which is also a fine manifestation of eastern and western flavors. You can enjoy a Turkish bath over there or let your wife spend time in shopping and bargaining at the Grand Bazaar. You can even go for a romantic walk with your beloved to the Blue Mosque or Topkapi Palace. Honeymoon in Turkey also covers a tour to Sultanahmet. Thus, there is no dearth of attractions for honeymoon couples in Turkey.

What Turkey Honeymoon Offers to NewlyWeds

Honeymoon in Turkey can also be adventurous is you try out your skills at some of the exciting water sports. Some of the popular activities for honeymoon couples in Turkey are sailing, yachting, tasting delicious cuisines and shopping. Go for sailing and explore the picturesque coastline of Turkey. The young couples also love to interact with the local people residing in the coastal areas. You will also get a fair idea about the culture of this Turkish community from this kind of interaction. Some of the popular water activities are swimming, surfing, skiing, diving and fishing. The energetic couples can go for these options to add a different color to their honeymoon.

But, yatching is considered to be the most popular activity as far as honeymoon in Turkey is concerned. The reputed resorts are providing easy access to the coastline between Istanbul and Antalya to promote this sport. The harbors are quite safe and yatching is developing as a popular sport action like anything for the past 40 years. It is interesting to note that the harbors have turned into entertainment spots and the honeymoon couples can have gala evenings over there.

Shopping in Turkey is another favorite option for the couples who are on a honeymoon in Turkey. People love to pick up wonderful carpets from Turkey. Leather goods like belts, handbags and shoes and textile products are also quite popular among the shoppers. You can check out the impressive price ranges of the products from the various malls and departmental stores in Turkey displaying clothes, leather goods and copper, ceramic and brass products. Do not miss out the Turkish delicacies. Thus, you can enjoy every bit of your honeymoon in Turkey. In order to know more about honeymoon in Turkey, browse through the following links:



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