Honeymoon in Colorado

Colorado is the only state in the United States of America that does not have any natural borders. Though this US state is surrounded by the other American states of Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Utah from all sides, it is home to some of the most wonderful natural wonders of the US. Colorado is well known for its varied landscape that consists of rivers, mountains, deserts, plains, canyons, plateaus and forests. If you plan to spend your honeymoon in Colorado, you will get an opportunity to see the best natural beauty of the country. Though Colorado is one of the most populous states of America and is also one of the most developed, it houses some of the most beautiful sceneries which attract tourists from all over the world every year. So spend your honeymoon in Colorado, take some of the best photographs that you can think of and make your honeymoon the most unforgettable journey of your lifetime.

Best Time to Visit Colorado


Colorado is heaven for all adventure enthusiasts. Not only does Colorado provide the opportunity to engage in some of the most exciting outdoor activities, the state has the most scenic locales that a tourist can explore. It is thus a state where you will have to constantly travel outside. So if you have made plans for a Colorado honeymoon, keep the daily weather in mind and also carry the necessary gear for outdoor activities. Colorado is the preferred skiing destination of the US, but biking, fishing, boating and hiking are some of the other activities that residents and visitors in the state can participate in.

If you are looking forward to do some skiing in the Colorado snow, travel to the state in the months from November through March. Snow sometimes stays till the middle of May, gradually melting from the month of June. Although remember that the winter months can bring very low and harsh temperatures.

Summer is the best month to visit Colorado if you are looking forward to a relaxed vacation. Though your ski gear will be of no particular use during this time of year, summer is the best time for fishing, biking and boating. It is also that time of year when the government of Colorado arranges several events and festivals that promote the culture and tradition of Colorado and keep the masses entertained. Being a mountainous region, the summer temperatures of Colorado are not too high; they remain moderate, bordering on the cool in high altitudes, from June through August. Following summer is the fall season, when temperatures are pleasant and with fall comes the best time to pay a visit to the famous Rocky Mountain Park of Colorado.

Do not visit Colorado in the spring season extending from March to May every year because this is the time when the winter snow melts and introduces patchy water spots in various parts of Colorado. The state normally does not receive any tourist at this time of year, so the streets are free from unnecessary crowds and the hotel & restaurant rates are comparatively very low. So if you are on a very tight budget, spring may be your chosen season for a Colorado travel, though at your own risk.


Romantic Tips for Honeymoon Couples in Colorado



Couples honeymooning in Colorado will get the opportunity to explore the beautiful countryside hand in hand and if you are outdoorsy by nature, your Colorado honeymoon holiday will indeed turn out to be the most enjoyable days of your life. Travelers say that love and romance are to be found in excess in a Colorado vacation. The alpine forests, wildflower growth and the balmy air of Colorado help to create the perfect atmosphere for affection among newlyweds and couples in general. Get ready to plunge into a world of scenic beauty and fun activities with your other half as you travel to Colorado for your honeymoon.


  • Ride Around the Countryside – Rent a car and enjoy a ride with your partner around the beautiful countryside of Colorado. There are pine, alpine and aspen forests spread all over the Colorado heartland and a drive through these serene lands is sure to increase the romantic quotient in your relationship. Snow covered mountains only add to the beauty and the romance!


  • Mix Adventure with Romance – Colorado is that place in the US where romance and adventure go hand in hand. If you are in the state during the winters. Skiing and ice climbing are the activities that you can take part in together. Other seasons provide a wide range of outdoor sports like whitewater rafting, biking, fishing, kayaking, ballooning, boating and of course playing golf. Remember to coordinate the outdoor sports according to the tastes and preferences of your partner so that you can spend quality time together.

  • Visit the Colorado Breweries and Wineries – Colorado boasts of a number of quality wineries and beer breweries. Take a tour around these industries following the instructions of the local guide hand in hand with your partner. You can also taste the wine, beer, and champagne manufactured here with crackers and cheese for snacks.

  • Enjoy a Relaxed Trip – If you are not very adventurous, do not worry. Colorado also has the traditional sightseeing areas like aquariums, zoos and museums where you can watch and learn. For the perfect night out you can opt to visit casinos and clubs where you can earn money, enjoy a good meal and watch some good performances.

  • Travel to the Four Corners– Four Corners is the name of the quadripoint where the four states of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah meet. This point not only has geographical importance, it is also one of the most beautiful locales of the American state. Your journey to the Four Corners will take you through forests of trees and flowering plants.

  • Get Pampered at a Spa – After a day out spent in adventure sports, pamper yourself by visiting a spa. Special couples’ massage is available in several spas and this service is exactly what you should opt for. Spas offer packages for couples at reduced rates. So you can pamper your face and your body at a spa.



Where to Stay in Colorado


No holiday is complete without lodging at a proper hotel. Colorado offers you the best deals in hotels. You can choose from a wide range of Colorado hotels keeping in mind your budget constraints and the places that you would love to visit during your stay. Here are some of the Colorado hotels that you can stay at on a vacation.


  1. The Broadmoor
    1 Lake Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
    Ph No. 719-577-5775

  2. The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa
    321 17th Street, Denver, Colorado 80202
    Ph No. (303)297-3111

  3. Grand Hyatt Denver
    1750 Welton Street, Denver, CO 80202
    Ph No. (303)295-1234

  4. Renaissance Boulder Suites at Flatiron
    500 Flatiron Boulevard Broomfield, CO 80021
    Ph No. (303)464-8400

  5. Marriott Fort Collins
    350 East Horsetooth Road, Fort Collins, CO 80525
    Ph No. (970)226-5200


Honeymoon in Colorado will be preferred by a nature lover, an adventure enthusiast and also a person for whom relaxation is the ultimate mantra during a vacation. Visit Colorado and have one of the loveliest honeymoons ever!




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