Honeymoon in Denver

Denver is a city with which we normally relate the words ‘crowded and populous’. Nevertheless, did you know that Denver is also the chosen city for newly married couples who want to spend a romantic honeymoon From culture tours to shopping and from the best delicacies to wonderful natural wonders, honeymoon in Denver is a very popular option among newlyweds in the United States and other countries around the world. Read on for the best time to spend your honeymoon days in Denver and the things to do to make your honeymoon trip the most memorable trip of your life.

Best Time of the Year to Visit Denver

Unlike the major part of the US territory, Denver experiences a continental and semi arid type climate. Therefore the Denver summers are generally very hot and dry, while the winter temperatures too do not fall below tolerance levels. Winter evenings during the months of December and January can bring in gusts of cold dry wind creating the perfect atmosphere for a romantic outing.
According to climatologists, the best time for a Denver visit is during the period extending from April through October. While temperatures may be soaring during the summer months of May and June, the other months usually experience the spring season, the perfect weather for tours around the city. Since this is the peak season to visit Denver, hotels in and around the city also offer the best deals for tourists and honeymoon couples. Moreover, spring in Denver means warm sunshine and the time when you can engage in a variety of outdoor activities with your loved one.

However, if you are looking forward to enjoying your honeymoon in the midst of snowfall, you will have to travel to Denver in the month of March. Constant snowfall in March also makes this month the ideal time for skiing.
Again if your spouse loves the beauty of nature then you can plan for a Denver visit in the months of November and December when flowers are in bloom in Denver and the animals in the wildlife parks are at their healthiest best.
The months of January and February are considered the off season in Denver and its surrounding areas. This is because of the fact that the hills remain snowcapped during this time of the year, making it impossible for couples to take a tour of the city in the biting cold. Skiing is perhaps the only activity that you can undertake in these winter months. But if you are looking for privacy and want to enjoy your honeymoon in seclusion, you can visit Denver in January or February when hotel rates alos drop significantly.



Romantic Things for Couples to Do in Denver


A romantic getaway in Denver is not very difficult to find. There is plenty to see and to do for couples visiting the Colorado capital for their honeymoon. A visit to the famous Rocky Mountains is a must on every couple’s travel list to Denver. The city is also known for its eateries, gardens, shopping areas and culture centers.

  • A visit to the Denver Museum of Art – a walk through the Denver Museum of Art is like taking a walk through world art history. This museum houses art masterpieces from countries from all over the world from Asia to Europe. There is also a gift shop inside the museum premises where couples can purchase curios for family members back home. A cafeteria and restaurant also provide relaxation opportunities for honeymoon couples. The best part of the visit to this museum is the fact that photography is allowed inside.

  • Visit to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts – this center hosts one opera house and six theaters and is the perfect getaway for couples who want to spend some time with each other while also sharing common interests through performances of cabarets and Broadway musicals.

  • Tea Stop at the Brown Palace Hotel – the hotel is shrouded in history and is known as the Western White House in the US. The tea served here along with scones and sandwiches have been popular mid-day snacks among residents and visitors from time immemorial. Sip tea while sitting in the hotel lobby and taking in the rich history of the place.

  • Enjoy a Horse and Carriage Tour – a ride on a horse & carriage is the most traditional way of taking a sightseeing tour around Denver. The carriages will take you on a joy ride traversing the chief locations in Denver. These carriages are available throughout the year, though a winter ride with the couple taking shelter under a single blanket is the perfect trip to enjoy during honeymoon.
  • Visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens – a wide variety of flora is found here. There are professional horculturists to guide the honeymoon couples while they stop to appreciate the roses and tulips growing in the garden.

  • Enjoy a Couples’ Massage at the Ritz-Carlton – if you want to get pampered in the company of your loved one, take the spa services of the Ritz-Carlton. Professionals offer massages in a private room for two which is also equipped with a TV and a wet bar.

  • Taste the Best – Denver honeymoon packages are incomplete without dining at the popular restaurants that dot the city. A Kevin Taylor restaurant and Rioja are the best romantic hangouts in the city. Honeymoon couples who love to taste the flavor of the places they visit must eat at these restaurants to taste the best of Denver.


Places to Stay at in Denver


Denver provides you with a range of hotels at budget and luxury prices. Take your pick to spend the perfect honeymoon.

  • Warwick Denver Hotel
    1776 Grant Street, Denver
    Ph No. (303)861-2000

  • Hilton Garden Inn
    1400 Welton Street, Denver
    Ph No. (303)603-8000

  • Magnolia Hotel
    818 17th Street, Denver
    Ph No. (301)607-9000

  • Hotel Teatro
    1100 14th Street, Denver
    Ph No. (303)228-1100

  • Doubletree Hotels Downtown Denver
    1405 Curtis Street, Denver
    Ph No. (303)571-0300

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