Honeymoon in Kansas City

Wouldn’t it be good if you could spend some romantic time with your spouse in the heart of America’s best metropolitan area Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could immerse yourself in the rich history of the US and also enjoy all the amenities of a modern life If your answers to these questions are in the affirmative, Kansas City is the place for you to be in. So, all newly married couples and couples who are in the mood to renew their love, plan a honeymoon in Kansas City to soak in the past and the present worlds of the United States of America. Be it the music festivals or the lovely food, the museums or the countryside, Kansas City has a lot of opportunities for honeymooners to explore.


Best Time to Visit Kansas City


Kansas City experiences both very hot and very cold weather. While the summer months are hot and humid, winters can be equally cold and dry. Therefore it may well be understood that the best time for a Kansas City visit is during the spring season. You may also choose winters to spend a Kansas City honeymoon, but try to avoid the summer months if you have rounded upon the Missouri capital to spend your honeymoon vacation.
Kansas City is located at the confluence of rivers Missouri and Kansas and therefore winds blowing from the surface of these rivers introduce the humid weather in Kansas City. Again, since Kansas City is situated in the ‘Tornado Alley’, cold winds blowing from the Rocky Mountains collides with the warm winds blowing off the Gulf of Mexico in this area, thus leading to storms in the city. Tornadoes are the most common form of storm that Kansas City experiences. Thus it is always advisable to avoid visiting the city during the monsoons and the late summer months also.

The best time to visit Kansas City is from March to June when the summer temperatures have not set in and you can enjoy tours around the city enjoying the warm sun. June and July are the hottest months, so avoid a Kansas City honeymoon during this time. January is the coldest month in this Missouri city; it is a time when the city lies paralyzed under snow cover and temperatures that fall below 0 degrees Celsius. Do not visit Kansas City in December or January too. October and November are characterized by cool temperatures and perfect for a romantic journey.


Romantic Things to Do in Kansas City


There is no dearth of romantic getaways in Kansas City. You can see romantic places and do several romantic activities in Kansas City.


  • Eating Out - The city is known for its fine dining areas and bars where couples can enjoy a romantic dinner and drink. The Sky’s restaurant in Kansas City is widely popular as the revolving restaurant of America where you can eat together under a star lit sky. Take an advance booking in the early evening hours so that you can enjoy the changing colors of the night sky together in the company of your favorite dish.
  • The Le Fou Frog restaurant is another popular eatery in Kansas City where the best French cuisine available in the US will be served to you at a candlelight dinner.


  • Carriage Ride – One of the most romantic ideas for a honeymoon couple is a horse drawn carriage ride around the city. Carriages are available from different parts of Kansas City; they will take you to the chief spots in the city, while you can sit close to your partner enjoying the evening lights and sights.

  • Watch Movies – If you want to spend a relaxed evening in Kansas City, you can choose to watch a movie with your spouse. The Starlight Theater of Kansas City provides you with a unique experience in movie watching. You can sit in the open, enjoy watching the stars in the night sky, while you are sitting close and enjoying your favorite movie with your loved one. But if you want to share this exclusive experience in movie watching you will have to visit Kansas City in the summer months. The Starlight Theater remains open only during summers.

  • Daytime Strolls – Night is not the only time when you can enjoy romantic escapades in Kansas City. Take a stroll or a carriage ride around the city during the day. The Loose Park Rose Garden is a favorite haunt of honeymooners in Kansas City. You may also try the Coco Key Water Resort to have fun in the water and sun. The Country Club Plaza is such an area of Kansas City where you get a taste of the real metropolitan American culture.


Hotels in Kansas City


Choose from a number of Kansas City hotels and decide on the place to put up in depending on your budget and preferred location in the Missouri city.

  • Holiday Inn Hotel Kansas City
    1215 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City
    Ph No. (816)421-8888

  • The Westin Crown Center
    1 East Pershing Road, Kansas City
    Ph No. (816)472-8808


  • Hilton President Kansas City
    1329 Baltimore, Kansas City
    Ph No. (816)221-9490


  • Comfort Inn & Suites Downtown
    770 Admiral Boulevard, Kansas City
    Ph No. (816)472-8808

  • Hyatt Regency Crown Center
    2345 McGee Street, Kansas City
    Ph No. (816)398-4845

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