Honeymoon in Michigan

The state of Michigan, located in America’s Great lakes Region, is one of the country’s most populous and most developed states. The name ‘Michigan’ has been derived from the French altercated word ‘mishigamaa’ which translates to ‘large lake’ or ‘large water’ in English. Understandably, there are a large number of water bodies in Michigan and water sports is a prominent activity that visitors and residents take part in while in Michigan. A honeymoon in Michigan will also mean lots of outdoor activities in the state’s lakes and rivers. Therefore plan for a Michigan honeymoon only if you love outdoor activities and water sports. A ride along the coastal regions, the peninsulas, the lakes and rivers of Michigan is also one of the most romantic ideas that honeymoon couples can indulge in. For all of you who associated Michigan with only the Detroit city and the world’s best cars, learn more about this American state from holidayshub and explore the vast opportunities that the state provides in terms of sightseeing opportunities.


The Best Time of the Year for a Michigan Visit



The Michigan winter is very severe and very cold. The months from December to February get large amounts of snowfall and larger amounts of rainfall. These factors make it impossible to venture out of home during Michigan winters. The winter snow cover is however conducive to skiing and other winter sports. Moreover a Michigan travel during the winters also means privacy for a honeymooning couple.

Are you not comfortable in chilly winds and constant snowfall Choose the autumn season, from April to May, for a Michigan vacation. Early autumn in Michigan is warm and pleasant, with the nature also blooming at its best. Unlike most other American states, spring is not the ideal time for a Michigan visit because the region receives occasional rainfalls at this time of year and the weather too remains cloudy and cold. If you like indoor activities and want to spend time visiting the several museums that dot Detroit, you can choose the spring months to travel to Michigan.

Summer is the best time of year for a Michigan vacation. Not only is the weather favorable to travel, but the larger number of festivals and events arranged by the state authorities take place during the Michigan summers. But the downside is that the rates of accommodation go up relatively and the cities are almost always full with people. The Michigan villages and countryside too attract a large number of tourists during the summer season and therefore it is always advisable to avoid the summer months from June through August if you traveling to Michigan for your honeymoon.


Romantic Things for Honeymoon Couples to Do in Michigan


Michigan offers you a host of places to visit and a number of activities that you can both participate in to make your honeymoon the most memorable travel experience of your life. Here is a list of ideas for all honeymoon couples visiting Michigan for those special days of their lives.

  • Walk on the Beach – Take a day or an evening beach tour holding your partner’s hands. Visiting beaches not only entails participating in water activities but also makes for a romantic time spent with your loved one. Asides the water, you can also go beachcombing on the sands of Michigan. Beachcombing is as much of an adventure as playing water sports. Collect objects that you both like and take it home to preserve it, so that you are always reminded of these special moments together later.

  • Explore Small Towns and Countryside – Like we said earlier, Michigan is not only about big cities but also small towns and villages. Rent bicycles from the cities and ride to the interiors of Michigan to get a taste of the rural structure of this American city. A bicycle ride is not only fun but also a good form of exercise for your health.

  • Watch an Event or a Festival – The Michigan towns and villages are hosts to some of the most talented craftsmen, folk artistes and artisans. While you can purchase products from these locals and watch their performances, you can also taste some great local food at these sites.

  • Participate in the Kite Festival – Michigan is host to kite festivals held in different towns and cities throughout the state. Buy your own kite and fly them in the festivals held mostly in Michigan beaches. Kiteboarding is also a popular activity fast catching up in Michigan especially among the young crowd visiting or residing in the state.

  • Visit a Local Winery – Michigan is known for its wines. There are several wineries that remain open to visitors at all times of the year. Here you can taste as well as purchase your choice of wine.

  • Make Your Own Sandcastle – There is no harm in becoming a kid when you are in the company of your spouse. And that is exactly what you can become on a Michigan honeymoon. The beaches of Michigan host festivals where there is a special sandcastle competition arranged for couples who visit the beach. Building a sandcastle with your spouse is not only fun but also romantic!

  • Watch the Sunset Together – There is nothing as romantic as sitting in a quiet corner of the beach with your loved one and watching the sun setting gradually.

  • Take a Dune Ride – There are specific areas in the city from where you can avail rides above the dunes in Michigan. Riding over dunes is a popular adventure activity in Michigan, attracting a large number of tourists every year.

  • Enjoy the Nightlife – Michigan has some of the best casinos and restaurants in the United States of America. Visit the casino and try your luck before you head to a restaurant where you can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner with your partner. Book in advance if you are on a honeymoon visit to Michigan during the peak tourism season.

  • Take a Lighthouse Tour – The coasts and ports of Michigan have lighthouses that are known not only for their construction and function but also for their place in the state’s history. Learn more about Michigan’s history through a tour of the lighthouses.

  • Enjoy the Rides of the Fall Season – Special rides are arranged for couples and families to tour the small towns and villages of Michigan during the fall season. If you are on a Michigan honeymoon during the fall months, make sure to use the services of these special rides. Both evening and day rides are offered, but we suggest the evening ride, when you can be close to your partner under the city lights and the night sky!

  • Walk Along the Mackinac Bridge – This bridge is one of the most popular constructions of not only Michigan but also the US. Hence a visit to the Mackinac Bridge is a must. The 5 miles long structure connects the upper peninsula of Michigan with the lower peninsula and a walk or a ride on this bridge is truly a memory worth cherishing.

  • Hit the Spa – Nothing is more relaxing than a massage after a day of travel. Michigan is home to several popular spas of the US where you can enjoy massage, facial and other services to rejuvenate and reenergize yourself for the rest of your holiday.

Hotels to Stay at on a Michigan Honeymoon

Michigan offers you some of the most romantic boarding places to put up at on a vacation or a honeymoon trip.

  1. Prairieside Suites
    180 Washington Avenue, South West Grandville, Michigan
    Ph No. (616)538-9442

  2. The Victoria Resort
    241 Oak Street, South Haven, Michigan
    Ph No. 800-473-7376

  3. Courtyard Detroit Auburn Hills
    1296 Opdyke Road, Auburn Hills, Michigan
    Ph No. 1284-373-4100

  4. Townsend Hotel
    100 Townsend Street, Birmingham, Michigan
    Ph No. (248)642-7900

  5. Courtyard Ann Arbor
    3205 Boardwalk, Ann Arbor, Michigan
    Ph No. 1734-995-5900

  6. Honeymoon in Michigan thus includes fun, romance and adventure! Read holidayshub before you plan your Michigan honeymoon.



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