Honeymoon in New Orleans

If you want to experience life and culture in America with a twist, New Orleans is the place for you to be in. Honeymoon in New Orleans is a popular option for all couples who want to get a taste of the European old world charm traveling within the boundaries of the US. According to records in history, New Orleans was named after the Regent of France, the Duke of Orleans. And in spite of the fact that New Orleans is one of the major cities of the United States of America, it still hosts several objects which remind people of the popular French culture and France’s rich heritage. The Creole architecture of France is spread throughout the New Orleans heartland. The cuisine, the heritage and the culture of this Louisiana city is also distinctly different from the rest of America. Thus a New Orleans honeymoon is always a pleasant idea for all couples who love to explore the countryside together.


Best Time to Visit New Orleans


New Orleans is a city that is as popular for its architecture and sculpture as for the fests and events organized by the city authorities. And the best time to enjoy these events is during the months from February to May. The popular Jazz Fest of New Orleans and the Mardi Gras are held in this city during these months; the music fests are major crowd pullers. Tarrifs of hotels, prices at restaurants and airfares increase considerable from the months of February to May in New Orleans. Though you cannot avoid the cost of food, booking should be made in advance of flights and accommodation if you have planned to attend the Jazz Fest and the Mardi Gras during your honeymoon.

August and September are the hottest months of New Orleans and it is always advisable to avoid a New Orleans vacation during summers. Summers begin from the month of June, and hurricanes are a common phenomenon in the city in this time of year. Though tourists are absent from the city streets in the summer season, there are always crowds of locals eating out in New Orleans restaurants even during the hot summer months. This is because of the fact that the Louisiana city hosts festivals like the Satchmo Summer Fest, the Fourth of July celebration, the Southern Decadence, the New Orleans Oyster Festival and the White Linen Night in the summers.

The months from October to January experience low temperatures, hence it is a time that tourists avoid for making a New Orleans visit. However, honeymoon in New Orleans cannot be counted out during these cool months because it is the ideal time to enjoy the city locales enjoying the company of only your partner. Asides Christmas, the Reveillon Dinner and the Celebration in the Oak are popular fests that you can enjoy during the winters. While New Year’s Eve and Halloween are popular celebrations among locals, the visitors can participate in the New Orleans Film Festival, the Oak Alley Plantation Fall Arts & Crafts Festival and the Voodoo Music Experience. New Orleans is indeed a city of events and festivals, each celebration bringing out the culture and tradition of the city; a New Orleans honeymoon is therefore romantic and educative.


Romantic Things to Do in New Orleans


It is said that one visit to New Orleans and you will fall in love with the ambience as well as with each other. Therefore it will not be wrong to say that a New Orleans honeymoon is something that most newly weds look forward to. We give you a list of the things to do and places to visit on a honeymoon trip to New Orleans.


  • A City Tour – People say that the air of New Orleans is such that will help to create a romantic atmosphere for any couple who takes a tour around the Louisiana city. The balmy air, the leisurely pace of life in the city and the never ending series of fests and events keep up the electricity and the excitement in the air and helps in creating a romantic atmosphere. A typical city tour will take you around the French structures and the beautiful countryside that can be enjoyed sitting on a boat or in a bus. People say that music is always successful in creating magic and New Orleans with its music fests is always successful in renewing your old flame.


  • Spas and Massages – there is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than relaxation in a holiday. A New Orleans honeymoon package must include a visit to the nearest spa. Some hotels and resorts offer spa packages to their boarders. Whether it is a massage or a simple manicure / pedicure, book an appointment at the spa in advance to enjoy the services at your preferred time and budget.

  • Eat at a Romantic Restaurant – New Orleans is the perfect place to treat your taste buds. There are a large number of gourmet eateries in the city which offer a variety of cuisine from countries across the world, like Spain, France, Africa and South America. The restaurants dotting t city too range from very private spaces meant for a romantic candlelight dinner for two to dining halls accommodating the entire family. A small private dining space is the ideal hangout for a couple who is visiting New Orleans for honeymoon.

  • Jewelry Shopping – New Orleans is the best place to shop for jewelry. Surprise your wife by purchasing for her an exquisite piece of jewelry. From junk to expensive, the local artisans in New Orleans design beautiful pieces which you can also purchase as a gift for family members waiting for you back home.


Hotels in New Orleans


Whatever your budget, the Louisiana city provides you with the best places to stay in during your vacation or honeymoon. The New Orleans hotels range from the boutique to the budget hotels. One unique feature of the New Orleans hotels is the touch of French culture in them.

  • Omni Royals Orleans
    621 Saint Louis Street, New Orleans
    Ph No. (504)648-2001

  • Hotel Monteleone
    214 Royal Street, New Orleans
    Ph No. (504)523-3341

  • Ramada Plaza
    541 Bourbon Street, New Orleans
    Ph No. (504)524-7611

  • Royal St Charles Hotel
    135 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans
    Ph No. (504)599-2119

  • Chateau Bourbon
    800 Iberville Street, New Orleans
    Ph No. (504)586-0800

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