Honeymoon in North Carolina

North Carolina, situated in South East United States is one such American state that has shown much progress over the years. The North Carolina economy was once dependant upon only natural resources available in the country, but over the years the scenario has changed with North Carolina making much improvement in the fields of education and finance. North Carolina can also be described as the land of mountains, considering the number of rocky structures found within the boundaries of this state. Therefore an ideal holiday trip to North Carolina would consist of a large number of outdoor activities on the mountain slopes. Honeymoon in North Carolina entails traversing the famous mountains that dot this American state and sailing through the famous Mississippi River. North Carolina is indeed nature at its best and thus perfect as a romantic honeymoon getaway.


Best Time of the Year to Visit North Carolina


The temperatures in North Carolina remain moderate all over the year, thereby making a North Carolina travel possible at all points of time every year. While the winters are not freezing cold even during the night, the summers are warm and not uncomfortable. However the interiors of North Carolina record temperatures higher than normal during the peak summer season, thus discouraging tourists from visiting this area in the summer months. Weather reports released from the area suggest that a North Carolina honeymoon in the hill slopes or the coastal regions of the state can be undertaken in summer, but traveling to the interiors should be strictly avoided because the levels of humidity rise to huge levels and it becomes impossible to travel around the tourist sites. Swimming is one of the chief outdoor activities that you can engage in at the New Carolina sea shores in summer.

North Carolina looks its natural best during the fall season. September and early October are the months when North Carolina receives the maximum number of tourists. This is the best time for the tourism industry in this American state, but also the time when the streets remain crowded and the accommodation rates are subsequently higher. Therefore if you are visiting North Carolina for your honeymoon it is advisable that you avoid the fall months for lack of privacy.

In March and April comes spring in North Carolina. There are flowering plants all around the state, sweet perfumes waft through the air and the balmy air creates the perfect atmosphere for a romantic walk. So visit North Carolina for your honeymoon or for a short trip to rekindle the romance in your relationship.

But if you want to enjoy in North Carolina at the fullest and also want to spend some quiet moments together during your honeymoon, winter is the best season for a vacation. A North Carolina holiday during the winters will help you to tour the area at a low budget and in privacy.


Romantic Things for Honeymoon Couples to Do in North Carolina


North Carolina with its rich store of blooming plants, mountains and rivers, and also the best restaurants in the United States is one of the best romantic getaways if you want to spend your honeymoon days in this South Eastern American state. Asides sightseeing and eating out at local haunts, hiking and just taking a walk around the breathtaking scenery of North Carolina are some of the activities that you can take part in while on a short North Carolina holiday. Here are some of the things that a couple on honeymoon can do to spend the most memorable honeymoon ever.


  • Take Part in the Brews Cruise – this is one of the most fun ways to celebrate the friendship and togetherness in your relationship. Visit the city of Ashville in North Carolina to take part in the brews cruise. We all know that Ashville is also known as the beer city of USA, therefore the brewing scene of the city is also very happening. For all couples who love the taste of their poison, taste the Ashville assortment and bond over a bottle of beer!


    Enjoy the Live Music Performances – North Carolina not only has a rich store of natural reserves, it is also one of the most culturally rich countries of the USA. The music scene of this American state is happening to say the least. There are live music performances arranged across theaters in North Carolina around the year.

  • Eat Out at a Romantic Restaurant – North Carolina stores not only the finest brews but also the best of food. There are quaint eateries and plush restaurants spread across the various cities of North Carolina and enjoying a meal with your loved one is perhaps the best way to spend a romantic evening. Taste the local cuisine or eat the cuisine of your choice from the various eating places. If you are on a visit to North Carolina during the peak vacation season, book a table in the restaurant of your choice in advance and see the romance growing as you bite into the right food over a candlelight dinner.

  • Enjoy the LaZoom Comedy Tour Bus Ride – this service is available in the city of Ashville in North Carolina. LaZoom arranges a comedy bus ride which takes you on a tour to the best sites around the city. These bus rides start during the afternoons and the evenings; and we can assure you that not only will they help you to enjoy to the fullest, they will also help you to get a taste of history, a history that has been attached with the comedy bus from time immemorial. This bus ride may be availed by people of all ages from the Patton Avenue of Ashville.

  • Pamper Yourself – North Carolina not only has some of the best restaurants, but also some of the best spas and massage centers. Some spa services need to be booked in advance; others provide services on the spur. Indulge your senses by treating yourself to the spa services provided in North Carolina centers. An aromatherapy massage and a facial are the most popular services availed from North Carolina spas. Ashville is popular as the premier spa destination of America and you should make good use of this factor that exists in the city.

  • Shop for Antique Objects – North Carolina is also a shopper’s paradise. There are several art galleries in the state where you can learn more about America’s culture and also purchase gifts for members back home. While there is no dearth of shopping malls in the state, the shops selling antique objects are the most popular visits by tourists. These special antique shops sell objects ranging from jewelry to apparel and showpieces.


Hotels where you will stay in North Carolina


Being a tourism hub, North Carolina is known for the services provided by the hotels and inns in its various cities. We provide you with a list of North Carolina hotels where you can put up when on a vacation to this American state.

  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Sanford
    2110 Dalrymple Street, Sanford, North Carolina
    Ph No. (919)776-6600

  • Jameson Inn
    2614 South Horner Boulevard, Sanford, North Carolina
    Ph No. (919)708-7400

  • The Carolina
    80 Carolina Vista Drive, Pinehurst, North Carolina
    Ph No. (910)295-6811

  • Hampton Inn Sanford
    1904 South Horner Boulevard, Sanford, North Carolina
    Ph No. (919)775-2000

  • Comfort Suites
    1891 Bragg Street, Sanford, North Carolina
    Ph No. (919)842-5600

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