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Being the seventh largest state in the United States of America, Ohio is one of the most populous and developed regions of the American heartland. Ohio has developed over the years as one of the best states in the US to live in and pay a visit to during a short holiday trip or a honeymoon. Ohio has played an important role in the history of America’s growth as a nation and therefore honeymoon in Ohio will also mean learning more about the rich history and culture of the state. Holidayshub helps you in exploring the various sites that you can visit when you are in Ohio, the best time of the year to visit this American state and the range of accommodations available to the visitors. Read on for more information if you are a tourist in Ohio.

Best Time of the Year to Travel to Ohio


So you have already chalked out a plan to travel to the ‘Buckeye State of America’ for your honeymoon Before you decide on the date of journey, know more about the daily weather and the seasonal changes that take place in Ohio so that you reach your destination at the correct time of the year.

Before you start on the Ohio travel for your honeymoon it is very important to decide on the cities that you will visit once you have reached the American state. According to explorers and travelers, the ‘C Cities’ – Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus – must be included in your travel program. If you are fond of sea shores, Lake Eire Islands and Sandusky are the places for you to visit. Let us take a look at the best time of the year to visit these cities in Ohio.

If you are interested in outdoor activities and sports are your passion, the spring and the fall seasons are the best time of the year for a visit to the cities of Ohio. The shores of Ohio provide you with much scope to engage in water activities with your loved one by your side. The spring and fall seasons are also the time for beach parties, celebrations and annual events. The summer season may also be chosen for an Ohio honeymoon. The Ohio summer evenings are cool and are perfect for a stroll on the beaches. However, many may find the day sun scorching. Heat waves, though rare, also occur in Ohio during the summers, making it impossible to come out of home during the day. It is because of this reason that visitors like to avoid the summer heat of Ohio. But if you can brave the hot and need some privacy during your honeymoon, you can choose the summers to visit Ohio.

It is best to avoid the winter season during a visit to Ohio. Not only do the temperatures fall drastically in the winter season, there are frequent rains, ice storms and snowstorms in the region at this time of the year. The weather is so harsh during winters that it becomes impossible to travel outdoors. While ice skating and skiing are popular activities in winters in other regions, the strong winds prevent movement out of home during Ohio winters. So avoid December through January for a honeymoon in Ohio.

If you want pleasant climate to be an integral part of your Ohio vacation, July and August are the best months to travel to this state. The temperature at this time of year is warm. There may be occasional rainfall, but a walk in little drizzles will not do anything to spoil your honeymoon romance! However, the hotels at this time of year are usually completely occupies and rates increase relatively. The streets too will be crowded and quiet corners for honeymoon couples are a rare phenomenon at this time of year.


Sites to Visit on an Ohio Honeymoon


The Buckeye State offers many romantic places to be visited by couples on honeymoon, even for those couples who are on a tight budget. Here is a list of places that you must go to see the romantic side of Ohio.

  • Cox Arboretum MetroPark – this 189 acre spread in Dalton is a nature lover’s delight. The most popular flowers in this garden are tulips and hyacinths. There is also an accommodation inside the garden premises so that you can choose to walk hand in hand with your spouse around the flower fields at any time during the day.

  • German Village – this is one of the most romantic places to visit if you are in Ohio. Situated in Columbus, this village was first established by German immigrants to the area. Today, the village not only has its own accommodation facilities, it also boasts of its own large garden, a huge bookstore and several small businesses.

  • North Market – another Columbus destination, this market is known for its quaint little eating shops. While plush romantic restaurants can be traced all around Ohio, the little shops in North Market selling delicacies like Thai chilly, wild berry ice creams and cocoa curry are popular with visitors and locals alike.

  • Lolly the Trolley – if you are in Cleveland, use the services of Lolly the Trolley to tour the important sites around this Ohio city. Evening and day tours are arranged by this trolley service. Special services are provided to honeymoon couples at low prices, the Friday and Saturday evening trolley services should specially be mentioned.

  • Hot-Air Balloon Ride – this is one of the most unique ways to celebrate your love. Hot-air balloon rides start during sunrise and sunset time from Cleveland and hover in the air offering you with a panoramic view of the lakes and mountains of the city.

  • Lakefront State Park – also located in Cleveland city, this is one of the most popular water parks of Ohio, housing a beach, a picnic spot and a boardwalk inside its boundaries. While these are meant for family outings, romantic couples can opt to ride the sunset cruise from here where a romantic dinner is also served.

Some other places that you may choose to visit on your Ohio honeymoon:
West Side Market – taste the best pastries, meats and seasonal fruits at low rates here.

  1. Ride along Lake Erie – a mere ride along the sides of this lake while enjoying the cool breeze will enhance the romance in your relationship.
  2. Bicentennial Commons Park – best place for an evening walk.
  3. Cleveland Orchestra – couples who love music can visit the Severance Hall in Cleveland to enjoy performances throughout the year.
  4. Riverboat Excursion – boats cruise along the waters of the Ohio river, making the travel for a perfect honeymoon outing. The ride begins from the Covington Landing floating entertainment complex and sails to downtown Cincinnati.

  5. Cleveland Botanical Garden– exotic flowers and plants are grown in this botanical garden which is an amalgamation of 20 gardens. The nice fragrance wafting through the air is rejuvenating to the senses.


Hotels in Ohio

Check our list of accommodation in Ohio and choose an Ohio hotel according to your budget, places that you want to visit and the surroundings that you prefer while boarding in the ‘Buckeye State’ of the US.

  • Columbus Ohio Hotel
    8505 Pulsar Place, Columbus, Ohio
    Ph No. (614)844-5888

  • Chase Suite Hotel Dublin
    4130 Tuller road, Dublin, Ohio
    Ph No. (614)766-7762

  • Embassy Suites Columbus
    2700 Corporate Exchange Drive, Columbus, Ohio
    Ph No. (614)890-8600

  • Hilton Garden Inn Columbus / Polaris
    8535 Lyra Drive, Columbus, ohio
    Ph No. (614)846-8884

  • Holiday Inn Columbus – Worthington
    7007 North High Street, Worthington, Ohio
    Ph No. (614)436-0700

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