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Texas is the largest state of the United States of America, both in terms of area and population. The land of ‘friends or allies’ as it translates to in the Caddo language, is home to a variety of landscape and is also known for its rich history and culture. Texas was one of the major states of the US to take part in the American Civil War; the state is so vast that historians and explorers have often said that Texas has features common to North as well as to South America. From the coastal regions to the forests of Texas, each region is known for its importance in the tourism calendar of this South Central state of the United States. If you have planned a honeymoon in Texas, make sure to drink in the urbanity of the region while also learning facts about the state’s rich history and tradition.

Best Time for a Texas Honeymoon



You can visit Texas at all times of the year. Each and every season of Texas is good for travel. The beaches are popular destinations during the winter, sea resorts are the perfect getaway in the summer season. However it is the spring and the fall seasons which can feature at the top of the list as the best time to chalk out a Texas honeymoon plan.

The spring and fall seasons, that is the months of March & April and September & October respectively, experience very cool temperatures throughout the day. Spring also means the season of blooming flowers. This means the best reason to go out and enjoy the sites around the state without having to bother about the heat of the sun. October is the peak season for visiting this American state, traffic snarls are a very common phenomenon in mid-October all around Texas, so you can avoid a Texas travel plan during this time of year if you want to share private honeymoon moments.

Texas summers are very hot and humid. So the number of tourists visiting the area in this time of year is few. The upside of this is that the prices of accommodations come down drastically and the crowd in streets is also very less. If you are on a tight budget, visit Texas during the summer months. Travel around the state during the early morning hours and after sunset to avoid the scorching sun. Do not forget to carry bottles of sunscreen, light colored clothes, hats and shades in your travel kit.

The winter months extending from November to February are chilly accompanied by sufficient amounts of snowfall. Evergreen trees like oak and fir are the most common trees seen growing on the hill slopes of Texas during the winters. December is the busiest month in the Texas calendar because apart from the Christmas and New Year celebrations, it is also the football season of America. Crowds begin to reduce after the end of New Year celebrations, also leading to reduction in hotel prices and therefore increasing the chances of a romantic private honeymoon. Restaurants dotting the state also offer food at discounted rates, making the winters ideal for a Texas vacation.


Romantic Ideas for Honeymoon Couples in Texas


Texas often has the maximum number of tourists visiting the state every year because there are places in Texas where you can travel to at all times of the year. Southern Texas is the most visited part of this American territory. Beaches, sea resorts or the mountains, Texas has the perfect recipe for enhancing the romance quotient in any relationship. Therefore it has been the chosen destination for newlyweds and families for a trip from time immemorial. While the waters of Texas gives scope for activities like fishing and sports, the urban areas are the best areas for the best night out and festival experience. Check out the places you can visit for a short honeymoon trip to Texas.

  • Blueberry Hill Farms – this is one of the most unique places to visit with your loved one. This large spread of greenery is full of blueberry and blackberry plants that you are also allowed to pick if you visit the place in the months of June and July.

  • East Beach – this is the biggest beach of Texas and is known not only for its fun sun and sand routine but also for the special concerts, bikini parties and music concerts that are held here.

  • Science Spectrum & Omni Theater – this space helps you get acquainted with the latest in science and technology. Though not the ideal place to visit on a honeymoon trip, the theater serves as the best platform in education in science and technology.

  • Caldwell Zoo – one of the US’s largest zoos, it is home to more than 2000 animals coming from North America, South America and Africa. The zoo also includes an area used only for picnic purposes and a large aquarium.

  • LeGrand Rose Garden – this garden of some of the most wonderful roses grown in the US is the first garden to receive a designation from EarthKind. This new technique of environmental landscape management adds to the beauty of the garden. There is nothing more romantic than touring a rose garden with your partner!

Some other notable places to visit in Texas:

  1. Kiepersol Winery
  2. Historic Aviation Memorial Museum
  3. Grapeland Drive Thru Safari
  4. South Beach
  5. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center


Hotels in Texas


The Texas hotels come in a wide range of prices and can be afforded by people who want to spend a lavish honeymoon or are on a tight budget.

  • Alpine Classic Inn
    2401 E Highway 90, Alpine Texas
    Ph No. 432-837-1530

  • Palace Inn and Suites
    915 Lamesa Highway, Big Spring Texas
    Ph No. 432-264-1500

  • Post Oak Inn
    908 Buchanan Drive, Burnet Texas
    Ph No. 512-756-4747

  • Red River Inn
    902 W 2nd Street, Clarendon Texas
    Ph No. 806-874-0160

  • Nursanickel Motel
    Corner of Highways 87& 54, Dalhar Texas
    Ph No. 806-244-5637

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