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A sub-continental piece of land which is surrounded by a water body from all sides is known as an island. However, there are various land masses which are termed islands when they are connected to an artificial bridge built above a water body. Generally there are two types of islands; geographers have classified them into the oceanic island and the continental island. From time immemorial, islands have been the best places on earth for a vacation. Island vacations are so popular all over the world with people belonging to all age groups because of the fact that these areas give you the opportunity to tour seas, play with sand on the beaches, engage in a number of outdoor adventurous activities and water sports and sometimes also tour mountains! Since tourism is one of the chief industries of islands, government authorities ensure that islands are some of the most developed regions of the world, hence there is opportunity for shopping and modern amenities of good educational institutions and employment opportunities in islands, just as there are in non-island cities across the world.

Top Island Vacation Destinations in the World



Island holidays are chosen by the young, the old and by families and are perhaps the most relaxing and most luxurious ways to spend a vacation. There are numerous islands distributed all over the world and it is keeping in mind the climate of the island during your vacation time, your holiday budget and the location of the island that will encourage you to plan a vacation at that particular island. Whether you are looking for a family island vacation or a private island vacation for your honeymoon, we suggest you a list of the best island destinations in the world. Travel to these island destinations and enjoy a tour of a lifetime!


  • The Galapagos Island
    This group of islands located in South America is a nature lover’s and a botanist’s heaven. The more than dozen islands in Latin America are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. The underground plant and animal collection in Galapagos have been discussed by zoologists and botanists time and again. The most popular sea creatures of Galapagos are sea lions and turtles. Hawks, penguins and iguanas are also found in large numbers here. Illegal fishing activities and littering conducted in the island often pose a threat to the sea plants and animals.

    • The Hawaii Island

      This beautiful group of islands in the United States of America is also one of the most important and the newest state of the country. While the breathtaking locale of Hawaii Island is the chief attraction for tourists, the warm people who are always ready to welcome you with open arms are another reason why Hawaii is so popular as a tourist destination. A visit to the beach, enjoying the services of the famous spas and Jacuzzis here and bamboo fishing are some things that you must do while in Hawaii.

    • The Caribbean Island
      This region which consists of more than thousand islands is perhaps the most famous island when it comes to the number of tourists visiting every year. The beaches, the landscape and the culture of the Caribbean are some of the most important factors to look forward to while on a Caribbean holiday. The Caribbean people too have been described as very accommodating and kind. Enjoy the region’s rich cultural heritage as you holiday in this island. Remember to visit the Virgin Island if you are on a tour to the Caribbean.

    • The Florida Island

      Florida, the land of water and hurricanes, has some of the best islands and the longest coastline in the United States of America. The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico feed the islands of Florida which are a tourist’s favorite haunt every year. These islands are not only known for their beautiful landscapes and beaches, but also for the development that has taken place in the islands over the years. Florida is one of the most developed regions of the US, hence also a good place to stay in as it is for traveling. The Sanibel Island is one of the most popular Florida Islands.

    • The Rhode Island

      Another important island in the United States, this is also the smallest state of the country. While the surroundings of Rhode Island are a photographer’s delight, its monuments and its political happenings make Rhode Island one of the most historical sites of the US. Also tour the forests of the island if you are there on a vacation.

    • The Bahamas Island

      The Bahamas with its 29 islands is another very important tourism site of the world. It is said that it was in the Bahamas that Christopher Columbus first found his America and civilization has existed in this heartland for several centuries now. Being the third richest region of America makes the Bahamas not only favorable for tourism but also for living. The Paradise Island is perhaps the most exotic among the 29 islands in the Bahamas.

    • The Padre Island

      Located in the Texas region of the United States of America, this is the longest barrier island in the world. The white sand beaches of Padre and South Padre Islands are popular getaways for visitors to this part of the world. Padre is also the second largest island in contiguous United States. It occupies the greatest area after Long Island of the US.

    • The Kiawah Island
      Kiawah is an island in the state of South Carolina of the United States most popular for its long beaches and golf resorts. It is one of the least populated regions in the US that is characterized by expansive villages and a countryside that is sure to mesmerize you.


Island vacations are not only popular but also the most relaxing way to spend your leisure days. Vacation in an island will refresh and reenergize you while also giving much fun and joy.




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