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Malaysia Holidays

Malaysia is a wonderful place for having a gala vacation. But before going to Malaysia, you should first consult the Malaysia travel guide for

obtaining basic knowledge about Malaysia and the tour options. In order to enter Malaysia, the visitors should posses a national passport or some other internationally recognized travel document which would be valid even after six months of your stay in Malaysia. You would be delighted to know that most of the visitors irrespective of their purposes are not required to carry visas for entering into Malaysia or for staying in the country for a temporary period of time. But you surely need to posses a valid passport recognized by Malaysian government.

If you are staying in Malaysia for less than one month, then, you need not carry visa. The rules and regulations for traveling in Malaysia depend a lot on the duration you would be staying in that country. And, so, it is necessary to go through the Malaysia travel guide before you really pack up your bags for a memorable vacation in Malaysia. Malaysia travel guide also includes a brief account of the weather conditions of Malaysia. Malaysia is known for its equatorial climate and uniform temperatures round the year.

The hilly country sides are bit cooler and so, if you are planning to have vacation in the hilly regions of Malaysia, then, you have to carry warm clothes. Rainfall is something which you will not be able to avoid in Malaysia. Currency conversion will not be a problem in Malaysia. Malaysia economy thrives on
Malaysia tourism and so, most of the hotels offers currency exchange provisions at nominal rates. There are 13 states in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur is the capital city. Kuala Lumpur is also considered to be the most significant city as far as the growth of Malaysian business and culture are concerned. Moreover, you can expect a pretty politically peaceful atmosphere over there.

The integration of Chinese and Indians customs and culture is pretty interesting. Though Islam is the national religion of the nation yet it shows tolerance to all other religions. As it has been mentioned earlier that Malaysia is a multicultural nation and so, you can expect to meet people of varied origins over there. A visit to Malaysia is always a pleasure because of its fluctuating temperatures. You can visit the east coast from May to September as you will be able to see turtles at that point of the year. The rainy season continues from November to January. It would always be better to avoid this phase whenever you are planning for a vacation in Malaysia. The rainy season lasts from October to November and again from April to May on the west coast.