Beach Holidays in Malaysia

The lush, green and long beaches in the South East Asia provide for the some of the best global travel destinations. Beaches in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia,

Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, South Korea are among the most magnificent and exciting ones. These countries also enjoy a good degree of patronage from tourists and visitors and among scores of attractions, beaches form an inevitable part of interest and itinerary. Since almost all countries of the region do have a considerable degree of coastline, beaches lure the travelers in a big way. Beach holidays in Malaysia are quite popular with global travelers.

Pentai Teluk Belanga located on the west coast of Malaysia is considered among the best of the Malaysian beaches. The bay offers a perfect crescent shape, soft and golden long stretches of trees and emerald green water. A strict no vendor zone, it provides with the best of real, non polluted sea ambiance to relax and smoothen one’s nerves. No wonder, this beach offers some really good times for beach holidayers.Some of the best beaches in malaysia are:-

Chempedak Beach

This beach is in the Pahang region of Malaysia is another of the popular beaches in the country. Located 5 kilometers from the town of Kuantan, this popular beach in Malaysia is regarded as an excellent venue for sailing, canoeing, surfing and sun bathing. Jungle trek is another of the opportunities that Chempedak Beach in Malaysia offers to those who love to explore the nature and wildlife.

Balok Beach

Situated at about 15 kilometers north of Kuntan town, the Balok Beach is one of the popular beaches in Malaysia. A fascinating spot for the wind surfers, the

soothing tropical and exciting winds along with swaying casuarinas and long white sandy beaches, provide just the perfect setting for the ideal leisure seekers.

Chendor Beach

This is one another popular beach in Malaysia. One can see the rare green turtles or giant leatherback turtles staying idle on the shores of the beach. Travelers interested in peace and tranquility finds this popular beach in Malaysia as one of the better spots to enjoy and explore.

Detai Beach

This beach is situated in the north west of Malaysia provide for some of the best charms for lovers of a private and soothing hideaways. Most of the best covers on the beach however are occupied by the luxury resorts. Even otherwise, the best of sea, sand and sun can be seen and explored at this popular beach in Malaysia.

Juara Bay beach

This beach is situated in Tioman Islands of Malaysia with a vast stretch of palm-lined trees, clear sands, huge waves and no electricity provides a real life experience of living in an isolated though splendid locations. Tanjung Rhu at Langkawi is another popular beach in Malaysia that offers a real visual treat to ones who venture out and explore seas.

Beach holidays in Malaysia come in attractive and customized packages. A good number of hotels and resorts, catering to all tastes and preferences are located near Malaysian beaches. While many of the resorts offer the best of luxurious living, there are quite a few who offer budget accommodation as well. Travel and tour operators all across Malaysia provide with the best of travel packages that offer the best of beach tours.

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