Culture Tours in Malaysia

Culture tours in Malaysia would definitely be highly interesting simply because of the fact that Malaysia is a multi racial country and so, the tourist can

expect a wide exposure to the unique fusions of all the influences. In fact, Malaysia is recognized as the best possible destination on earth for culture tours. Malaysian population constitutes of 65 per cent of Malays, 10 per cent Indians, 20 per cent Chinese and 5 per cent of other races. But, one would notice the dominance of the Malay people as far as the political influence is concerned. It is the native language of the Malays, Bahasa Melayu which got the recognition as the national language of the country.

The culture tours in Malaysia would cover the ancient game centers, music and dance performances or schools and various art forms. It is all about exploring the various dance forms like Kuda Kepang, Joget and Sumazau or the Kompang music programs. The culture tours in Malaysia would help you to understand Malaysia musically. The energetic people are into the watching of certain traditional games like Sepak Takraw and Silat.

The cultural tours in Malaysia would also include the museums which have preserved the evidences of the past civilizations. In order to understand the present cultural scenario of Malaysia, one needs to have a fair idea about the ancient civilizations which have influenced the present ones. National Museum is definitely a hot stop over. The building architecture is fascinating and it has been designed in the classical Malay architectural style. National Art Gallery, National Library and National Theater are some of the other major attractions as
far as the culture tours in Malaysia is concerned. The National Art Gallery offers enough space and scope for the development and preservation of the various forms of Malaysian art. Check out the mini replicas of the Taj Mahal, Amir Timur Mausoleum featuring the Islamic architectural skills at the Islamic Arts Museum.

Kuala Lumpur would be the major destination for the culture tours in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is considered to be the cultural center of the nation. Even the city buildings reflect the rich heritage of Malaysian culture. Kuala Lumpur is also the center of numerous cultural events and so, you can check out some engrossing musical performances of the renowned artists over there. It is actually very difficult to restrict the destinations for culture tours in Malaysia as you will get a feel of the mixture of so many cultures from any part of the country. Tourist love to go for customized packages. Some are interested in exploring the Islamic attractions while other might be obsessed with culinary tours in Malaysia. And, there are people who would like to have a taste of everything, religion, cuisine, art, architecture, language and customs. They should opt for total culture tours in Malaysia which would be covering all these aspects.

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