New Year in Malaysia

The multicultural diversity of Malaysia has made it one of the most vibrant nations in southeast Asia. Malaysia has been regarded as a prime tourist

destination as it comes with many attractions. Tourists coming from various nations of the world are captivated with the wonderful locations and beautiful Malaysian architectures. If you get to visit this incredible nations during the festive seasons then you will be able to get a real essence of true Malaysian culture and customs. New year in Malaysia is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and fun. Malaysia is known for its superb nightlife. You would find a number of nightclubs, discos and pubs that are swarmed with numerous people who come to celebrate new years eve with lots of fun and frolic.

Apart from the Malay population significant number of Chinese as well as Indian people can be seen in Malaysia. Thus the celebrations of a number of festivals in the country has got decent amount of influence of these ethnic groups. To celebrate new year in Malaysia huge number of tourists come from distant parts of the world. The streets of Kuala Lampur that is the capital city of Malaysia are decorated with colorful ornaments.

In order to celebrate new year in Malaysia the peoples of the country start preparations from the day before. It has been seen that during the new years eve most of the hotels get fully booked. To attract more and more number of visitors the hotels usually give discounts to groups and offer a number of discount packages in the name of new years package, family package and many more. In a number of cities in Malaysia such as the likes of Kuala Lampur, Georgetown,
Klang, Ipoh and many more the several areas are elaborately decorated. To celebrate new year in Malaysia people usually visit the popular restaurants. The restaurants in Malaysia are well known for offering mouthwatering delicacies.

You can experience sumptuous Malaysian delicacies as well as Different types of Indian as well as Chinese specialties. A great number of open air restaurants on the sea beaches of Malaysia are also visited by the locals as well as tourists who come to enjoy their time on the eve of new year. In order to celebrate new year in Malaysia people also wear new clothes and light fire crackers. Apart from the new year celebration according to the western calendar, Malaysia also celebrates Chinese new year.

Celebrations of new year in Malaysia is quite colorful as you would get to see numerous people in their new dresses greeting their friends and family members. People also visit the popular attractions of Malaysia during this time of the year. Several tourist spots like zoo, amusement parks, ancient monuments, museums, heritage sites and many other are visited by a great number of peoples.