Cruises in Singapore

Singapore is ideally located at the heart of Southeast Asia, it has a captivating appeal as the cruising hub of the region is enriched by her old world charms and exciting new world appeals. The cruises in Singapore are ultra-luxurious ships from renowned international cruise lines such as Cunard Line, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean

International, Seabourn Cruise Lines, Silver sea Cruises and Star Clippers. The types of cruises offered may range from romance, vacation-style, destination-focused, soft adventure expeditions and to high-sea adventures and many more. There is an incredible diversity of cruise holidays available in Singapore many designed to suit different needs, interests and personal preferences.But whatever your fancy, Singapore is still a beautiful destination that fires the imagination. As you approach Singapore with her crystal-like skyscrapers and bright, iridescent lights, you can catch a glimpse of some of her islets like Sentosa, Kusu, St John's and more. Singapore is the region's most vibrant gateway and is one of the popular holiday destinations in the world. In fact, all of Asia is readily accessible from Singapore. There are over 600 shipping lines with highly efficient and superb marine facilities, and more than 50 international cruise liners embark on the ports of Singapore annually.

There are number of cruises in Singapore available to get a memorable experience of your vacations in Singapore. They are categorized into the following:

Cruise to Nowhere:Cruises to Nowhere are cruises in Singapore that depart from Singapore without a port of call and return back usually within two to three days. This is one of the cruises in Singapore which is best for those who want to
give break to their monotonous routine and relax while on cruise.

Harbor and River Cruises:Harbor and River Cruises takes you on a journey to unexplored Southern Islands of Kusu, Lazura's, Sister's and St. John's. These Singapore Cruises are all-inclusive of meals such as lunch, evening tea and passionate dinners for couples.

Regional Cruises:In these cruises in Singapore you can embark on a voyage to cities like Danang, Hong Kong, Laem Chabang, Malacca, Mumbai, Penang and Phuket on Singapore Cruises. These long distance cruise are called Regional Cruises on large luxury liners. Many of these cruise services are available all round the year and have the carrying capacity of nearly 1900 passengers. These ships are equipped with all the contemporary amenities that you can think of such as auditorium, conference rooms with conferencing aids, gymnasium, library, nightclub and spa.

A microcosm of the far east at the crossroads of Asia, Singapore lies strategically poised at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. It is one of the popular holiday destinations in world. Once a sleepy fishing village, Singapore is now considered by many to be the most modern city in all of Asia. So traveling on the cruises in Singapore will be just like dream come true.