Medical Tourism in Singapore

With global economic downturn and rapid technological developments, the need for affordable medical treatments is on the rise. Today when a simple tooth ache can cost you quite heavy on your pocket in US, you may like to enjoy a medical holiday in Singapore which is one of the most happening places around the world.

Why Singapore for Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Singapore is booming due to following reasons.

Affordable Treatment Cost

The cost of treatment for various medical procedures is much more affordable than those in US and Canada thus positioning Singapore as a medical tourism hub for patients across the world.

Well Equipped Hospitals

The city has some very fine hospitals to cater to patients from all over the world. These hospitals are equipped with perfect equipments which can aid in surgeries which require high levels of specialized equipments. The hospitals especially organize pick and drop facilities to its patients for the airports. They also help to organize accommodation facilities for the patients.

Best Medical Experts

All the more, the city of Singapore is home to some of the best ever medical practitioners. They can put themselves in the reliable and caring hands of these surgeons. Medical Tourism in Singapore is a source of hope.

Great Hospitality

The beautiful island of Singapore which is one of the popular holiday destinations in the World has been praised for its efficient services and organized activities.

Rejuvenating Environment

Medical tourists who flock into the country from all parts of the world also get to enjoy the benefits of an extraordinary environment. The pleasant environment proves to be an asset for the medical tourist at Singapore. It helps in their fast and steady requirement. The general atmosphere of Singapore helps in bring back a person to the pink of health. This is both physically and emotionally.
They feel recouped an refreshed.

Health care System in Singapore

WHO has recently ranked Singapore as the 6th best health system in the world which is much above US and Canada. The hospitals in Singapore are known for providing the best possible treatments to patients with world class facilities. The staff at the hospitals are well versed with English and trained at international level.. The medical practice standards in Singapore is regulated by the bodies such as Singapore Medical Council, Singapore Nursing Board, Singapore Dental Board, Pharmacy Board and the Laboratory Board.

Top Hospitals in Singapore for Medical Tourism

Alexandra Hospital
Address : 378 Alexandra Road Singapore 159964
Telephone : +6564722000
Website :

National Heart Center of Singapore
Address : 17 Third Hospital Avenue, Mistri Wing, Singapore 168752
Telephone : (65) 6436 7800
Website :

Parkway Hospitals Singapore Pte Ltd
Address : #09-00/01, Orchard Road, 239693, Singapore
Telephone : +65 67388404
Website :
Raffles Hospital
Address : 585 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188770
Telephone : +65 6311 1666
Website :

Institute of Mental Health / Woodbridge Hospital
Address : 10 Buangkok View Singapore 539747
Telephone : +65 63892000
Website :

Medical Treatment in Singapore

Singapore has made a mark in two major surgeries of the world. This is the liver organ transplant surgery as well as the stem cell surgery. This is particularly true for people suffering from cancer tumors allover the world. They haves started gravitating towards Singapore for treatment. What more the hospitals also prove to be major beneficiaries. Know more

What patients should remember

It is important for the patients to carry out certain important duties.

  • Carry all the necessary medical documents to the city. This can prove to be a worthy reference for the surgeon or medical practitioner.

  • Carry out all the follow-up steps which they have been instructed by the doctor.

  • Make it clear to the doctor whether they have been covered by a medical insurance.

Last Updated on : 07/28/2010