Top Museums in Singapore

Tourists come to Singapore, not only for its wide range of scenic delights but also to know about its historical culture. Singapore is a place which is steeped in history and has a colorful culture and this is reflected beautifully in the top

museums in Singapore.

Asian Civilization Museum
One of the top museums in Singapore is the well known Asian Civilization Museum. Packed with the most fascinating information and done up in a very innovative way, the Asian Civilization Museum is one of the best places to know about the cultural history of Singapore. Coming to this museum in Singapore, you will be amazed by the skillfully maintained 11 galleries which comprise the three floors of the museum building.Each gallery has its own theme and each has its virtual hosts and interesting features like videos and learning zones, all of which are a major hit with the children. The South East Asia Gallery of the museum has a display of the most beautiful fabrics and textiles like Batik, Ikat, Southern China, silk carpets, and a collection of eye catching handicrafts. The museum has an attractive colonial architecture and has a beautiful terrace, overlooking the flowing river.

The Battle Box museum is a museum of immense historic importance that takes one back in time to the period of World War II. It has Robotic wax figures with animatronics coupled with special sound effects that transports one to a virtual world.

Singapore Discovery Centre
The Singapore Discovery Centre is one of the other top museums in Singapore, which is basically an edutainment hub both for the kids and the adults. The major attractions are a little interactive and SAFTI Military Institute.

Singapore Science Centre
Singapore Science Centre one of the other happening Singapore museums is fascinating place both for the young and the old. There are 7 galleries in the Singapore Science Centre and has as many as 600 exhibits all of which are themed and have great displays of the physical and the biological world. From the tiniest of insects to the biggest of animals on the planet there is everything one gets to know coming to this place. Open from 10am to 6pm from Tuesday to Sunday and all the public holidays, this could one of your most memorable places on your Singapore visit.

So come to Singapore and explore its rich and vibrant cultural history through these museums, all of which have something to share with everyone.