Adventure Tours in South Africa

Africa is one of the continents that offer some of the most spectacular scenery, unmatched wildlife, along with rich cultures.

For tourists with an adventurous streak, Africa makes for the ideal destination. There are a number of travel operators that offer adventure tours in South Africa to some of the most exotic destinations. There are a whole range of adventure activities to be enjoyed in South Africa. These include the most sought after South Africa safaris, boat trips, canoeing, flying safaris, game drives, hot air balloon trips, kayaking, mountain biking, and nature hikes. Whale watching tours in South Africa is also part of the wide variety of adventures which tourists indulge in.

Some of the South African adventure tours include adrenaline pumping activities such as abseiling, archery, scuba diving, microlighting, bungee jumping and other activities. Adventure tours in South Africa have been the main reason for so many tourists visiting this continent.

Some of the adventure tours destinations in South Africa include Cape Town, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Mpumalanga, Johannesburg and places. All these places have something to offer to adventure enthusiast from different parts of the world. The hiking expeditions through many of these destinations are a great way to witness and explore the natural beauty, geography and the culture of South Africa.
There are long stretches of hiking trails that wind around South Africa through forests, deserts, mountain and coasts. A staple of any adventure tours in South Africa is the Game Drive which most countries offer. The several other activities included in the various adventure tours of South Africa include skydiving, rock climbing, paragliding, bridge swinging, hang gliding, mountaineering, and many more exciting adventure sports.

The adventure tours in South Africa provide an experience that is unlike any other you might have had. Some of the most daring acts are performed in many of adventure tours. Mt Kenya, Kilimanjaro, Atlas Mountains, Dogon Valley, Rwenzoris and the Ethiopian highlands are some of the iconic destinations in South Africa that offers some great scope for adventurous activities. Some of the adventure tour companies of South Africa include Stormsriver Adventures, SEAL Adventures, Glenmore Ecoventures, Travel Unite, Wildthing Adventures and Active Africa Adventure Tours among others. These adventure tour agencies offer different types of adventure tour packages for visitors of all age groups. So book you adventure tours in South Africa and experience a whole new world that will leave you spellbound. There are also many cheap adventure tours in South Africa that will suit your budget and taste.

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