Historical Tours in South Africa

The turbulent past of South Africa is made distinctive by racial conflicts, anti-Apartheid fights and migrations.

The Khoisan peoples are the indigenous inhabitants of South Africa who are living there for millions of years. The Black South Africans are considered to be belonging to the Great Lakes area of the prehistoric times. Whites in South Africa are actually the descendants of the migrants coming into Africa from Europe who consider them to be South Africans just like the Asians and Coloreds in South Africa. If you want to explore these people of South Africa and the different historical treasures that this country features, opt for any of the exciting and memorable Historical Tours in South Africa.

Your Historical Tours in South Africa must include an interesting and unforgettable trip to the Apartheid Museum. You will be surprised and shaken to know about the intensity of racial isolation that occurred prior to the beginning of a new century in the pre-democratic period in South Africa at the Apartheid Museum.

You can get familiar with the depressing past of the domination of the whites and the suppression of the blacks and also go through the displays on the chaotic Soweto uprising, insignificant apartheid and anti-apartheid uprisings that took place abroad. You can also enjoy Historical Tours in South Africa to Pretoria and Soweto. Soweto is the most lively and largest township in the country.
It is an extremely developed region in Johannesburg, its history being marked with the growing expulsion of the Africans by the state authorities and the city. You can also opt for a tour to Pretoria, the governmental capital of South Africa.

Lying about 50 km in the north of Johannesburg, the city of Pretoria happens to home first to the Nguni-speaking people, who came to be popular as the Ndebele. They were the first to identify the importance of the river valley which later was developed as Pretoria. Other exclusive Historical Tours in South Africa can include your tour to the Cullinan Diamond Mine which features a visit to the mine and the village. At Cullinan you can also visit the historic St. George’s Church created by Sir Herbert Baker, the historic building of Netherlands Bank, the McHardy House Museum which was formerly the house of the mine manage and the picturesque row houses of the miners transformed into little shops, offices and B&Bs. Another tour in this area can also be comprised of a visit to the Tswaing Crater Museum positioned within 40 km from the city of Pretoria in its north. If you are interested in knowing more about the Historical Tours in South Africa, click only on the following links on our site holidayshub.com: