Museum Tours in South Africa

South Africa is a country that is seeped in culture and tradition, the rich history of the country can be sen depicted in the various landmarks. If you want to know about the culture and history of South Africa then the Museum Tours in South Africa are the things that you should avail.

Museum Tours in South Africa

A walk through history that is what touring the museums of South Africa is all about; the tours include visits to all the heritage sights that has played an important part in shaping the history of the country.

Among the Popular Museums in South Africa the name that comes foremost to mind is the Robben Island Museum situated in Cape Town. Robben island had been the place of exile and banishment for nearly four centuries.

People where imprisoned there for years and most of the political criminals found a place in this island. The apartheid time period proved to be very important in making this place world famous. The senseless brutality that was part of the custom of the place was synonymous. Freedom fighters were easy targets of this treatment that included crushing the self confidence of the dwellers. More that a quarter of a century passed before they could return to a free life. Visiting this historical place brings back memories of those dark periods in African history.

Other names that are a must visit on Museum Tours in South Africa are Nelson Mandela Museum, C P Nel Museum. Museum Transquariep, Afrikaans language museum, Castle of Good hope, Smuts house Museum, Bernberg Museum of Costume and the War Museum of the Boer Republics. .

Some of these museums provides valuable insight into the art and culture of the place. These Art Museums in South Africa are stocked with evidences of the influence of various cultures in the history of the country. The art of the various tribal population in the country is displayed in these South African museums.

Tour of the Gold of Africa Museum in Cape town is an important stop of the Museum Tours in South Africa. This is the only museum in the African continent that is dedicated to the discovery of Gold in Africa. Even today South Africa is one of the largest producers of gold in the world.

Tour of museums in South Africa is a complete historical and cultural experience of the nuances of the country. So while visiting South Africa be sure to include one of the Museum Tours in South Africa in your list of travel destinations.

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