Romantic Getaways Tours in Switzerland

A honeymoon in Switzerland is an ideal honeymoon, and Romantic Getaways Tours in Switzerland are very popular among tourists. It is not as if you may opt for one of the Romantic Getaways Tours in Switzerland only if you are planning to go for your honeymoon. You may choose to go on such a tour to add some fun to your marriage, or to show your partner how much you care for him or her.

Switzerland has been famous as a popular tourist destination, over the years. The beauty of the Swiss Alps, as well as the clear, blue lakes that you would find in this region are major tourist draws. The numerous museums that you would find in this region are also very popular with tourists.

If you or your spouse, prefer to go for shopping then you would be delighted to know that Switzerland is one of those European nations that offer you a duty free or a tax free shopping experience. Attractive discounts are also offered. You will have a gala time shopping for perfumes, jewelery, watches, souvenirs, and alcoholic beverages like wines. Swiss watches are famous all over world. If you love chocolates and cheese, you will have a gala time in Switzerland. Also, in case you love to collect trinkets, you will find one of the largest collection of bells, here.

French, German , Italian, and Romansh are the main languages in Switzerland. English is also well understood.

The Romantic Getaways Tours in Switzerland usually select a fixed set of destinations like those of Verbier, Gstaad, Arosa, Murren, Burgenstock.

Verbier is located in an Alpine valley, and is famous for the magnificent mountains and the inviting ski slopes. The French culture is predominant in this region.

Gstaad is renowned as an exotic European locale. Gstaad is strategically located
at the meeting point where four Alpine valleys meet, just between the Vaud Alps and the Bernese Oberland. This is one of the most picturesque locations in Switzerland. This region is also famous for its ski slopes.

Burgenstock is the center of some of the most expensive hotel in Switzerland. Burgenstock overlooks the beautiful Lake Lucerne. If you like a little bit of adventure then you may choose to reach Burgenstock by using the cable car ride or the cog wheel railway. This town has an ideal romantic setting. The Burgenstock Resort is a very popular choice. This is a five star accommodation facility, and offers a beautiful view of the Lake Lucerne. It is only about eighteen kilometers away from the airport.

Another popular choice for Romantic Getaways Tours in Switzerland, are the towns of Arosa and Murren. If you like privacy, then Murren is an ideal choice. It is a very remote town. Murren may be reached only by the cog wheel railway or by using the cable car ride.

The town of Murren is located on a plateau, at a great height above the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Like most places in Switzerland, Murren offers a great opportunity for skiing. In fact, Murren is a hamlet in the Bernese Oberland.

If you choose Murren as your Romantic Getaway, then you will have the option of going on hiking trips, you will get the opportunity of staying at quaint chalet like hotels, and enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountains of Switzerland.

Last but certainly not the least is the town of Arosa. Arosa is, also, a popular choice as far as Romantic Getaways Tours in Switzerland, are concerned. Situated at a height of six thousand feet or approximately two thousand meters above sea level, this is one of the highest ski resorts in the region. Though it is not as 'posh' as St Moritz, Arosa is quite a good ski resort. The thick wood lands offer a great scope for hiking, and the beautiful lakes provide an ideal romantic setting. Not a bad choice if you are planning to have a quiet romantic vacation with your spouse!