Cruise Tours in USA

Traveling by sea is one of the best things to do on a holiday. If you want to visit some great places without spending much of your physical energy, Cruise tours in USA await you. You can visit some of the best coastal towns in USA, during your cruise trip. The US ports usually witness more than 10 million travelers arriving and departing in cruise ships every year. Some of the most renowned ports of USA include the Miami port, Los Angeles, Orlando, Philadelphia,

San Francisco and New York.


Major Cruise tours in USA:


Various cruises depart from different ports of USA, traveling within the country or touching other parts of the world. Some of the cruise tours in USA are:

  1. Royal Caribbean- USA - New England
  2. Carnival- Canada
  3. Royal Caribbean- Canada
  4. Cruise West- Canada
  5. Holland America - USA - Pacific
  6. Norwegian- Canada
  7. MSC- Canada
  8. Silversea- Canada
  9. Costa- Canada
  10. Celebrity- Panama Canal
  11. Cunard- USA - New England

The cruises offer various kinds of facilities. They have themed rooms, special packages and gifts for the travelers. USA has various kinds of cruise ships like, cruise ships for adventure lovers, honeymooners, mystery novel lovers and for singles. You can book any one of these cruise ships and enjoy the cruise tours in USA.

Top Cruise Liners in USA:

USA has a gamut of cruise liners. You can choose the best ones from the various cruise liner companies that operate in the country. Some of best cruise liners in USA are:

Disney Cruise Line: If you are going for a family trip, you can certainly choose the Disney Cruise Line. Your kids will love the magic of this cruise which pampers you with different facilities like good food, and great services.

Carnival Cruise Lines: Carnival Cruise ships are famous among teenagers, young people, couples and singles. They have several ships ranging from luxury vessels to economical ones.

Radisson Seven Seas: This cruise liner can accommodate a maximum of 700 passengers. The Radissons have large and medium ships, which cover some of the major ports in USA. This cruise has been ranked with six stars.

Celebrity Cruise Liners: The Celebrity cruise liners are all about comfort and special amenities. These are luxury ships, which provide all special packages.

Norwegian Cruise Liners: This cruise liner offers unique facilities like, freestyle cruising and home-style cruising. Here, you get choices of cuisines in the ship. You also get dining options at the various ports that Norwegian Cruise liner touches.

Royal Caribbean: The Royal Caribbean is one of the most favored cruise liners in USA. This cruise liner is appropriately priced. They have around 25 ships, which are uniquely styled and have necessary amenities. The Royal Caribbean has several large sized vessels, which can accommodate a large number of people.

Tips for Cruise tours in USA:

You must be waiting eagerly for your cruise holidays. To have a perfect hassle free cruise tour, you need to keep a few things in mind. Some of the tips for making your cruise tours in USA a memorable experience are:

  • Book your cruise tickets six months in advance. You can book the tickets at the last minute too, but only if you are willing to take the risk of not getting the tickets.
  • Plan your cruise tour during the off season, so as to avoid too much of crowd.
  • Enquire about the discounts
  • Make a research about the best cruise liner and the best cruise destination
  • Keep extra money during the tour.
  • Pack all the necessity items for your travel before setting off for the cruise tour

With these in mind you are sure to spend a great time at the cruise. Aren’t you planning for such cruise tours in USA

Last updated on 21/9/2010