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Valentine’s Day holiday

Valentine’s Day is a special day kept aside for lovers to celebrate their relation. You can actually plan a short vacation with your sweetheart on this occasion. Valentine’s Day holiday can take you to selected destinations with romantic charm like, Paris, Caribbean islands, Venice and Las Vegas.


Top Valentine’s Day holiday destinations:

A special holiday with your special someone is indeed going to gift you a heavenly experience during the Valentine’s Day. Going on a holiday to celebrate the Lover’s day is one of the best ways to celebrate it with your partner. Some of the best locations to have your Valentine’s Day holiday are:

Valentine’s Day holiday at Lake Tahoe:

Lake Tahoe lies close to Nevada in United States. A holiday at Lake Tahoe offers scenic surroundings with mountains and the lake. There are taverns and studio cabins for couples. To add some fun to your holidays, you and your loved one can also enjoy some activities like, cycling around the Lake, riding the sledge, kayaking, parasailing and skiing.

Valentine’s Day holiday at Bahamas:

If you and your sweetheart are beach lovers, Bahamas stand as the perfect destination for Valentine’s Day holiday. You can lodge in at one of the most beautiful Nassau Paradise Island, which is known for its turquoise blue waters and pink sand. Some of the romantic activities to indulge in here at the Bahamas are, horse rides, sailing on America’s Cup yacht, and shopping at the Straw Market.

Valentine’s Day holiday at Santorini:

You must have heard of this exotic holiday destination in Greece, called Santorini. You can spend some romantic time at Kamari and Perissa beaches and also visit villages of Akrotiri and Pyrgos. You and your loved one can also take a romantic cruise tour around the city and check out some of its attractions.

Valentine’s Day holiday at Hayman Island:

Located at the spectacular Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Hayman Island is the best place to come to for a Valentine’s Day holiday. The islands pamper you with great number of comfortable resorts offering several cuisine options. Lying cozily with your partner at one of the white sandy beaches of the Hayman Island is sure to leave you with a memorable holiday experience.

Best places to visit for Valentine’s Day holiday:

If you are planning to visit some exotic destination for your Valentine’s Day holidays, you can take a look at some of these:

Valentine’s Day holiday in Paris:

Romance and Paris are quite related. Climbing the Montmartre, cruising through the Seine in Bateau-Mouche and creating some romantic moments at Pont Royal are some of the best things to do in a Valentine’s Day holiday in Paris.

Valentine’s Day holiday in Sweden:

If you love the whites of a winter, you ought to be at Sweden for your Valentine’s Day holiday. You and your sweetheart can live in an Igloo and spend a cozy time. Couples can rejuvenate themselves with a sauna. For some thrill, there are dog-sledges that run through the valleys.

Valentine’s Day holiday in Venice:

A romantic vacation is all that you can expect to have in a city like Venice. Based on water, this romantic city is known for its tangled and spiral lanes apart from other attractions. Bridge of Sighs is known for its belief of eternal love being achieved while kissing under it, during the sunset.

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