Wedding Holidays

A holiday is probably the best way of celebrating the most special affair and the significant day of one’s life, wedding. With time, more and more couples are showing an interest towards an abroad location for a vow-exchanging ceremony. This appeal among the couples has also in turn led to the popularity of the idea of planning wedding holidays. This idea offers the ideal assistance to couples

willing to club their wedding and honeymoon in one vacation at the desired destination. Planning a holiday just after the ceremony in an exotic romantic location certainly feels great.

Imagine exchanging vows and offering a fresh start to a new life amid the wonderful landscape characterized by white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Be it in a spectacular beach, a luxurious resort, or an elegant chapel, the world is filled with romantic venues settled in idyllic locations to make your ultimate dream of wedding holidays come true. A number of planners or coordinators have re-designed their wedding packages to cater to couples having a plan of holiday in mind. From planning your vow-exchanging ceremony to honeymoon or a holiday, the wedding planner does it all.

Wedding and Honeymoon

If wedding is considered the most important day in one’s life, the holiday following the ceremony is referred as the most memorable and special vacation of a lifetime. Usually, couples plana destination wedding keeping in mind the fact of integrating their holidays with the ceremony. It is usually believed that in an abroad vow exchange ceremony, your holiday time starts with the end of the celebration. In other cases, you can also plan to board the flight to your honeymoon destination just as your ceremony gets over. The wedding planners of the desired destination caters to all the needs and necessities of your first-ever holiday as husband and wife.

About Wedding Holidays

The concept of exchanging your vows and enjoying a vacation at the same destination has offered much popularity to the idea of wedding holidays. Additionally, it surely feels great to be with friends and family even after the ceremony is over. You just get a little extra time to spend moments of togetherness with your loved ones. The acceptance of the concept of clubbing your wedding and holiday into the same vacation has indeed led to the introduction of packages catering to the best interest and your choices of a grand ceremony and a wonderful vacation.
While planning a destination wedding, you will have a number of packages in setting up the dream ceremony. Usually, the top wedding planners of the destination offer most of the packages. Luxurious hotels and resorts also offer wedding packages to make their stay and the affair more special and memorable. From offering assistance to all the legalities and paperwork to looking into every detail of the arrangements, the planner does it all. Additionally, you will also have the assistance of a full-time coordinator throughout the ceremony.

Choosing a wedding holiday package

It is certain that the concept of wedding holidays have grown bigger and better with time however; there are some specific reasons behind its rapid success. A number of destinations that also caters to the honeymoon and holiday interest of couples especially adds interest in planning an holiday after the wedding. Destinations cover a wide range from Italy to Caribbean to Lapland and even other European countries ad islands.
Here is a look at few reasons owing to the popularity of the idea of clubbing your wedding and holiday and choosing a package .

  • Choice of civil or religious ceremony
  • Assistance of personal wedding coordinator
  • Offering stage to both beach and traditional weddings

Weddings Holidays Destinations

If you are planning a destination wedding, there will always be a number of locations to choose from throughout the world. Planning your holiday too, will offer you a number of choices globally. However, while considering wedding holidays, you will have a restricted list catering to the services. Surely, you can plan both your wedding and holiday in any destination of your liking; yet, there are some locations around the world that boasts of an international popularity when it comes to arranging your wedding and honeymoon in one place.
Here is a list of some of the popular wedding holiday’s destinations that are considered top choices among couples planning an abroad ceremony :-

  • Cuba
  • Ibiza
  • Sicily
  • Aruba
  • Malta
  • Kenya
  • Greece
  • Mexico
  • Cyprus
  • Turkey
  • Florida
  • Jamaica
  • Lapland
  • Dominican Republic
  • Italy (Neapolitan Riviera and Lake Garda)

Be it close to home or a little further, you will find a wide range of destinations catering to the best interests of a grand ceremony and a dream holidays. Some of these locations like, Turkey and Cyprus are famous for offering an affordable wedding ceremony and a holiday. All these destinations throughout the world are home to a number of venues offering a picture-perfect setting of exchanging vows and stealing some moments of intimacy.
From hotels to gardens, chapels to villas, the options of venues are plenty. Some of the luxurious resorts and hotels even offer wedding packages with the inclusion of holiday planning at the ceremony destination. The best part of wedding holidays is that, you have the opportunity of spending some time with your family even just after the ceremony. However, most of the couples choose to go on a holiday only with their spouses.

Resort Wedding Packages

In present times, a host of wedding packages catering to an extensive range of tastes, choices, necessities, and budgets are available. However, with changing times, more couples are looking beyond the concept of traditional weddings at homes and opting for unique ceremonies. This change in the thought had provoked the idea of destination wedding that now has seen a new change with resort ceremonies. Usually, a resort wedding offers the perfect holidaying experience. In general, these kinds of ceremonies add an extra touch to the entire experience of exchanging vows by integrating a romantic ambience in the location and offering a fascinating blend of cultural tradition and relaxing holiday.
Here is a look at some of the destinations offering resort-wedding packages turning your dream of wedding holidays into reality .

  • Fiji
  • Samoa
  • Australia
  • Vanuatu
  • Cook Islands

Last Updated on 15/03/2011