Wine Tourism

Are you familiar with the term “Wine Tourism” May be or may not be. Wine tourism is all about tasting, consumption or purchase of wine either from the

source or from near the source. This form of tourism may comprise visits to vineyards, wineries and restaurants that offer distinct vintages. It may also include visit to wine festivals or any such related events. There are several wine regions across the globe which has found it profitable to promote wine tourism.

Countries Promoting Wine Tourism
Several countries across the world are now promoting wine tourism. Let us have a look at some of these countries.

Wine Tourism in India
Wine tourism is gaining significant momentum in India. Many vineyards in India have in place their own tasting rooms so that the wine lovers can enjoy traveling to and exploring the wine regions in India. You may also stay in these vineyards for sometime to complete the experience. In India, one of the main wine regions is Nasik. There are also some renowned wineries located in South India. Just visit some of the popular vineyards in India.

  • Sula Vineyards at the outskirts of Nasik
  • Grover Vineyards situated about 40 kilometers to the north of Bangalore in Karnataka
  • Indage Vinteners/Chateau Indage’s winery situated on the outskirts of Narayangaon
  • Chateau d’Ori located at the base of Dindori’s Nhera-Ori hills
  • Tiger Hill Vineyards located on the Mumbai-Nasik highway

Wine Tourism in Spain
Wine tourism is also a flourishing industry in Spain. The wine industry in Spain has opened up to the world with an entirely new range of wine styles as per the demand conditions prevailing in the market and has also made significant improvements in the quality of wine.

Spain is at present the producer of superior quality European wines. There are some small businesses in Spain offering wine tours to the wine lovers.

Wine Tourism in Argentina
The wine industry in Argentina is witnessing a large inflow of tourists from different parts of the globe. This is due to the improved quality of wine as well as foreign investments. Several wineries have been transformed into inns or hotels where the wine lovers can stay and enjoy the taste of different types of wines. This blend of wine and travel is the main reason behind the success of some of the most visited regions like Mendoza where thousands and thousands of people visit during the peak season to take part in the wine festival held usually during the month of March. The other wine regions in Argentina include Rio Negro, La Roja, Salta, San Juan and Patagonia.