China Travel Guide

Holidays in China offers extension Tours like Silk Road Tour, Guizhou Ethnic, Delicious China Tour, Yangtze Express, Panda Extension, 7 days in Tibet, Yunnan

Discovery, Sichuan Scenic Tour and Discover Mongolia. These tours are provided by the tour operators in china. The tour directors are English speaking and have a good knowledge of the history, geography and culture of the country.China is the most beautiful & interesting destinations in Asia. Holidays in China are full of fun, adventure, enthusiasm. The China holidays comprises of adventure from tours to the Great Wall to the remote province of Yunnan.Discover china’s biggest attractions and dine at some of the best restaurants of china for experiencing authentic Chinese food on your holidays in China. Some of the chosen and most visited destinations in US are California, Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado and the New York City. They are the most esteemed venues in terms of touristy in US and have their individual share of attractive sights, which will make the travelers contented to the fullest and they will come back again and again to these memorable spots. This is an effort to provide a brief outline of the best known venues scattered around US. This will surely help you to schedule an effective itinerary for US travels. California will be a nice option to start up with.

The holiday destinations in china are Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Nanjing, Dalian, Hnk Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.

The major attractions in Beijing are The Forbidden City, Summer Palace, The Great

Wall of China, Lama Temple, Tiananmen Square which are some of the worlds greatest tourist attractions. The Beijing restaurants offering fine dining options are Goubuli, Baozi Dyichu, Gongdelin, Qianmen Quanjude, and Justine's. Durty Nellies Irish Pub, Minders Bar,Poachers Bar,Blue Jay, and Lao She Teahouse are some of the famous bars and pubs in Beijing. Xidan, Dongdan, Liulichang are the perfect Beijing shopping places to browse around and buy your souvenirs.

Hong Kong is a major tourist destination when in holidays in china. Holidays in Hong Kong include visit to Madame Tussauds wax models, Happy Valley Racecourse, Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong Park. The famous restaurants in Hong Kong are Yung Kee, Cafí© Deco, Jumbo Floating Restaurant and M at the Fringe.

The delectable dishes offered by these restaurants will surely satiate your taste buds and leave you wanting for more. Hong Kong features small shops and stalls at the roadside. Harbor City has many shops, cinema theatres, and restaurants. The Teddy Bear kingdom and Dolphin watching are some of the favorite attractions among the children in Hong Kong. Holidays in china is never ending. Holidays in Shanghai includes visit to Shanghai Museum, Huangpu Jiang River Trip and Nanjing Donglu.