Greece Travel Guide

The Hellenic Republic also known as Greece is a south east European country which is more precisely located on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula. This country is

known to border the destinations of Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria in the north and there is Turkey to its east while the Aegean Sea is located to the east and south of Greece and Lonian Sea is on the west. Greece actually lies to the conjunction of Europe, Asia and Africa.Visiting the mesmerizing land of Greece brings us to face the traditional heritage of the Byzantine Empire and the legacies of the classical Greece.

A trip to Greece invariably requires one to know about the best of the tourist attractions, hotels and car rental agencies in Greece. While on a holiday in Greece one must know that without a visit to the cities of Athens, Rhodes, Mikonos and Santorini the travel to Greece is simply incomplete.

The holiday trips to Athens bring us closer to the cultural heritage and legacy of the past hidden in the mesmerizing tourist attractions in Athens. The guided bus tours in Athens offers us with a vivid picture of the present Athens. Other than the tourist attractions in Athens the various accommodation sources in Athens and the car rental agencies in Athena are of great help for the tourists in an unknown place. Few of the prominent tourist attractions in Athens are Attica Zoological Park, Panathenaic Stadium, Megaron or Athens Concert Hall. The tourist destination of Rhodes is one place known to offer the guests with the best of the tourist attractions comprising of historical monuments, castles, museums and destinations of Old Town etc. The guests in this hotel are bound to come across the best of the
hotel and budget accommodation sources offering the tourists with the best of the hotel facilities and amenities at budgeted rates.

The interesting tourist destination of Mikonos in Greece is known to offer the guests with the best of the places to visit and explore including those of the shopping places and the most important of the entertainment hubs in Mikonos. The tourists in the island of Mikonos are bound to enjoy a great time with the wonderful gay bars, gourmet restaurants, jewelry shops, cruises and VIP yachts and boats having the rock stars and designers and movie stars to accompany.

The hotels in this island are reputed for their classy treatments of the guests with the modern facilities and the best of the recreational amenities to make their stay in these hotels a cozier one. Holidays in Greece remain incomplete without a visit to the tourist destination of Santorini in Greece and this place offering the best of the tourist attractions in Greece for the tourists to enjoy and visit is also famed for its availability of the best of the accommodation sources.